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Carmelina Moscato Named Head Coach of Tigres Femenil

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, N. L. | Thursday, June 9, 2022.- Carmelina Moscato has been named head coach of Tigres Femenil, becoming the first female and foreign to lead the team.

Moscato has spent her career playing professionally, including 15 years with the Canadian National Team, but she always knew she would become a coach.

“We are delighted to welcome Carmelina to Tigres Femenil. We are sure that her extensive experience as a player on the Canadian national team and her preparation as technical director in Europe and her native country will benefit the team. She fits the profile we look for in people who are part of our institution”, mentioned Antonio Sancho, Sporting Vice President of the Club.

Moscato prepared herself and took courses as an assistant coach at the Canadian Soccer Association and directed the youth teams of her country, the Bahamas National Team and FC Nordsjaelland of the Danish league – her last team before accepting the Tigres Femenil offer.

“I think we (Tigres Femenil) have stars in the team. We have top players, top people, and a presence in the women’s soccer community. It’s something very special and interesting”, Moscato said from Denmark.

Her experience on the Canadian National Team, her love for the sport, and her desire to learn more and always be at the top were factors that convinced her to join Tigres Femenil.

Carmelina knows that she will have to adapt to the Perfil Tigre (Tigres Profile) that demands a winning mentality and culture with her incorporation.

“We have to honor what we have and take it to another level. Honoring, understanding, seeking to understand what has made this club so special before my arrival and improving it. That’s my job.

“I know, based on all the conversations I had with the team, it’s all about winning the championship. That is the goal. It’s building an even stronger organization without losing focus on winning the title and competitive nature. It is the heart and soul of how it is done. And when you look at the style of play and the quality of the players, you can tell that the game is growing every day”, she explained.

Moscato will arrive on June 11, ready to join Club Tigres. We welcome her with open arms. Welcome, Amazona!

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Carmelina Moscato Named Head Coach of Tigres Femenil

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, N. L. | Thursday, June 9, 2022.- Carmelina Moscato has been named head coach of […]

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