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Score for the Planet: Club Tigres launches three special Earth Day jerseys

Club Tigres celebrates Earth Day with the launch of three eco-friendly kits, reaffirming the club’s commitment to the environment.

Club Tigres celebrates Earth Day with the launch of three eco-friendly kits, reaffirming the club’s commitment to the environment. These jerseys will be used by both the men’s and women’s teams and represent the fundamental elements of nature: earth, vegetation, and water; necessary components for the reforestation of the planet. The Tigres men’s team will wear this garment in brown, symbolizing the soil; the Amazonas (Tigres Femenil) will wear green, representing vegetation in forests and jungles; while the goalkeepers from both teams will stand out with the color blue (the universal symbol for water).

The uniforms are made with high-performance recyclable materials, such as Parley Ocean PlasticTM, obtained from plastic waste collected on remote islands, beaches, and coastal communities, as well as 100% recycled polyester, actively contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Carlos Valenzuela, Vice President of Operations and Marketing at Club Tigres, stated: “These jerseys speak of our commitment to the environment. We want to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. These uniforms not only reflect our determination to make a positive difference in the world around us but also serve as a constant reminder of the responsibility we have as a team and as individuals to care for our environment.”

As part of the celebration, Tigres invited fans to participate in an activity at Chipinque Ecological Park, where they removed what is known as ‘forest fuel’ such as dead or dry plants and materials like glass, crystals, mirrors, or bottles that, when exposed to sunlight, could become a source of heat that causes fires. Over 36 fans volunteered to collect five (5) tons of waste that will be transformed into compost and used in the Chipinque nursery to produce native plants, which are part of the gradual reforestation plan in areas degraded by fires or invasive exotic plants.

Visit our website to learn more news and follow us on social media to join the conversation and celebrate Earth Day. Visit the Tigre Tienda to get yours.

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