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The program Amazonas for More (Amazonas X Más) is born

At Club Tigres, we are committed to encouraging and empowering women through different programs.

At Club Tigres, we are committed to encouraging and empowering women through different programs and generating positive changes in sports, academic, professional, and social areas. That is why Amazonas X Más was born. It adds a series of initiatives that fit into our Women’s pillar and the vision of Club Tigres toward a more equitable and egalitarian future.

Amazonas X Más is integrated by three initiatives that started last year and continue today. It aims to support university students who are embarking on a STEM career and girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who want to play soccer and intend to become game-changers for their community. It also will give training workshops for internal staff about gender equality.

Bécalas Program: STEM Leadership Scholarships

The advance in artificial intelligence and technology indicates that the future of work is aimed at professionals with advanced knowledge in some areas considered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These areas are commonly stereotyped as careers for “men,” increasing the economic and professional gap for women.

We want to change the score. And in partnership with Bécalos, we award annual leadership scholarships to women studying STEM careers. 120 young women from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León from various professions such as Physics, Mechatronics, Engineering, Biotechnology, and Genomics have benefited from his program.

This scholarship lasts one year and includes one-on-one mentoring with female STEM professionals and various webinars for personal, professional development, knowledge of finance, and different digital skills.

Ellas Tienen el Balón

Our Tigres Femenil Amazons inspired this program that intends to promote the development of 100 women’s teams in Mexico each year to promote physical, psychological, and social well-being in women aged 13 to 17 from vulnerable social contexts.

With this initiative, we take more than 900 young people from all over the country to combine the learning and practice of football with personal development. We intend to strengthen their autonomy, increase their resilience, promote discipline and teamwork, inform them of their sexual rights and gender equity, and learn to detect and combat all types of violence in their environment.

We want them to become leaders in their personal life, with their families, and in their community and promote the practice of football through fun and teamwork.

Empowerment workshops

At Club Tigres, we know that change starts at home. Therefore, we work to develop a culture of equity and inclusion within our institution. Supported by expert consultants in gender equity and female empowerment, a series of workshops were designed for all staff to foster a culture of equality and respect between women and men.

These workshops will provide all the necessary information on these topics. They will help the staff work every day with the mindset of ending any stereotypes.

This training will address empowerment and autonomy in women, microaggressions, and social co-responsibility.

Thus, at Club Tigres, we take an essential step toward a more equitable and egalitarian environment. Soon, we will have more initiatives that will fall under the Amazonas X Más program.

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