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Tigres and Bitso do it again

With this alliance, fans will be able to pay for their tickets with cryptocurrencies.

Bitso, Latin America’s leading cryptocurrency platform with more than 4 million users, and Boletomóvil, a ticket-buying platform for entertainment events in Mexico, announced today that users can now purchase tickets for Tigres matches through cryptocurrencies, starting with the upcoming Tigres match vs. America this April 23.

“Our commitment is to make cryptocurrencies useful for all people,” said Daniel Vogel, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitso. “We love this agreement between Bitso and Boletomóvil. It will allow the daily use of cryptocurrencies for our customers in Club Tigres sporting events, thus extending their use as a payment method for any event.”

With this alliance, fans will be able to pay for their tickets with cryptocurrencies instantly and efficiently on the Boletomóvil page.

“We are thrilled with this alliance,” said Walter Gonzalez, Co-Founder and CEO of Boletomóvil. “The use of cryptocurrencies is a reality. Whoever does not see it that way is staying in the past. With this agreement between Boletomóvil and Bitso, we innovate to live up to our customers’ requirements.”

The Director of Boletomóvil stressed his interest in extending this purchase option for all the events of his platform, being in the first instance available for the matches of Club Tigres. Boletomóvil manages the sale of 6 out of 10 sporting events from its online platform.

This announcement consolidates Bitso’s commitment to making cryptocurrencies a helpful technology that allows Mexican football to thrive in a global digital economy, with a reminder that Bitso announced its sponsorship of Club Tigres in November 2021 and its sponsorship of the Mexican National Team in January 2022.

Through these alliances, Bitso seeks to develop new use cases in this sector. It’s reflected since the recent news about Tigres Femenil being the first team in Mexico to make a transaction with cryptocurrencies to sell the player Stefany Ferrer to the American team Angel City FC. Now users can acquire their tickets for Tigres matches with cryptocurrencies through Boletomóvil.

“Since we announced our partnership with Bitso, we talked about the possibility of exploring new opportunities for the Club, and the day has come to continue to grow together. At the time, we had already made the first transfer in women’s football through cryptocurrencies, and now we allow our fans to acquire access tickets to the matches through this platform. Tigres continues to look to the future, and new initiatives will surely come with Bitso to continue offering greater services,” said Mauricio Culebro Galván, President of Club Tigres.

The availability of acquisition of tickets through cryptocurrencies is a process that is possible thanks to an alliance between Bitso and Bitpay. Bitpay is a leading platform in processing payments with Bitcoin that allows to transfer and convert this cryptocurrency into any other current currency instantly. It is revolutionizing the way of making payments with cryptocurrencies in an accessible and straightforward manner, and with which Bitso collaborates as a liquidity provider to make this process possible.

If you want to know more about Bitso and news related to its commitment to developing and encouraging new use cases such as payments through cryptocurrencies, we invite you to follow them on their social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and to visit

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