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Tigres and Tigres Femenil take their official team photo

Since the birth of Tigres Femenil in 2017, the photo between men's and women's squads is already a tradition.

We took the official photo, and again we did it as a single team, men and women united by the same colors and values on the field of Estadio Universitario, the home of the best fans in Mexico.

The Tigres Femenil team, led by Carmelina Moscato, posed with Miguel Herrera’s Tigres in a gesture of integration, equity, and equality. We have the same colors, yellow and blue, from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, representing the country’s most passionate team.

The official photo was taken on Monday at 8:00 A.M. at the Volcán. Both teams stood together, accompanied by their coaches. Subsequently, each took the traditional photo separately with their respective coaching staff.

Since the birth of Tigres Femenil in 2017, the photo between men’s and women’s squads is already a tradition. It led to the organization of joint training with a mixed ‘cascarita’ at the beginning of this tournament.

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