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Tigres Femenil wins the most-watched Final in the history of North America

The First Leg Final between the Amazon and América Femenil had 2.88 million reach through Canal NUEVE and 701,899 impressions on Facebook Live.

Liga MX Femenil is in constant growth and for Tigres Femenil it is a source of pride to be part of that growth with a five-time champion team, and where the Amazonas have been present in nine of the 10 matches with the highest attendance recorded in the history of this competition.

The current Apertura 2022 tournament of the Liga BBVA MX Femenil has been one of the most even in history, with great goals, where more exciting matches have been held and where new audience and attendance records have been set.

Thanks to Televisa’s vision to broadcast through open television the Final of the Liga MX Femenil, the second leg registered a total of 2.88 million reach in viewers, and adding the 2.48 million of the first leg, it is a total of 5.36 million of national reach.

Both matches were broadcast on Televisa’s Canal NINE, a company that has also supported women’s soccer through Univision, ViX and Afizzionados and which are the home of Tigres, and thanks to that support the game at the Estadio Universitario became the most watched women’s soccer match in the history of North America.

One of the objectives of the Liga MX Femenil is to reach more people, looking for this League to grow in audience and attendance, as it happened in these first five years of its history, even the Final’s First Leg broke a new attendance record with 52, 654 fans in the Estadio Azteca, while in the Estadio Universitario there was a full house with 41,615 fans.

In addition, in our streaming broadcast on Tigres Femenil Oficial’s Facebook Live, we had a maximum of 57,090 live accounts enjoying the game at the same time and 701,899 impressions, which represents a success for our brand.

All this was also reflected in the 75,538 live accounts watching at the same time the Quarterfinal and Semifinal games on the Tigres Femenil streaming and the 419,562 impressions between both matches.


1 América vs. Tigres Azteca Final Ida AP2022 52,654
2 Rayadas vs. Tigres BBVA Final Vuelta CL 2018 51,211
3 Rayadas vs. Tigres BBA Semifinal Vuelta AP 2022 42,315
4 Tigres vs. América Universitario Final Vuelta AP 2022 41,615
5 Tigres vs. Rayadas Universitario Final Ida AP 2019 41,615
6 Tigres vs. América Universitario Final Vuelta AP 2018 41,121
7 Chivas vs. Pachuca Akron Final Vuelta CL 2022 40,462
8 Rayadas vs. Tigres BBVA Final Vuelta AP 2019 38,251
9 Tigres vs. Rayadas Universitario Final Ida CL 2018 38,230
10 Tigres vs. Rayadas Universitario Jornada 5 AP 2018 37,601

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