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Warner Bros. awards Tigres Femenil for joint alliance

In addition, the Amazonas 2023 Race is in process.

The alliance between Tigres Femenil, Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumers Products, and DC continues to make headlines. Warner awarded our collaboration initiative within their annual Summit, in the space dedicated to the Best of the Year Awards.

The recognition at Warner’s annual event 2023 was held last Thursday, March 9, at the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico City, amongst prominent business partners, retailers, licensees, promotional partners, and potential customers of Warner.

Tigres Femenil was awarded the licensee award with the ‘Best Storytelling’ of 2022, thanks to the two-year alliance signed last year to unite the image of Wonder Woman with our Amazonas.

In addition, the Amazonas 2023 Race is in process, which will happen on March 26 at the outdoor circuit of the Estadio Universitario. It will promote the values represented by Wonder Woman and other products that will soon be made public.

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