“A good start, but there’s room for improvement”.- Zelarayán

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 24.- Lucas Zelarayán clearly stated that it will always be pleasing to start the season, but there is still a lot of room for improvement if they want to aspire to the top level the team is capable of.
“We’re all happy with the match result, whenever the season starts, we all hope for something like this, but, of course, there are always details that need correcting and I think that’s what we’ll be doing day by day, match by match. Let’s hope we can reach our maximum form both offensively and defensively as soon as possible to beat the top fighting for the tournament.”
Is Tigres the team to beat this Tournament?
“I don’t think so. The press and the media always put us on high, forcing us, so to say, to fight for the tournament, so we always try to put all that to one side and think about the team, about working as hard as possible every day, correcting any details and trying to improve to be a competitive team that always fights to be among the best.”

What can you say about Enner and his amazing debut?
“Enner has already done well in the Mexican League, we’re all aware of his qualities, he’s a fine footballer. I’m very happy for him and how he started the tournament with his very first match. We’ll always support him and any other teammate who comes here. Let’s hope this will be good for him, for his confidence and his scoring streak continues.”

Has it helped you having three forwards ahead of you in this new formation?
“The truth is that our attack is amazing, great players. I think the team is testing a new system and each of us has to try to adapt to the position we are given, and do our best. I think we played very well on Saturday, scored quickly and that gave us the confidence to manage the game.”

But that increases the competition…
“We are fully aware of the enormous internal competition, with such great players and only 11 can go on. So, we all know that when you come to a club like Tigres, you need to adapt as fast as possible and welcome each newcomer. When it comes to the match, it doesn’t matter who scores, but rather keeping the team united. Whoever plays does his best for his teammates and those who don’t play give their support from wherever they are and are always ready for an opportunity. I think the group understands this and we’re on the right track, always united and with the same objectives, placing Tigres above any other name.”

How difficult is it to manage a group of players like Tigres?
“Quite honestly it can be difficult at times and easy at others. With all the players who have come to Tigres and the squad that has been formed, there’s never been any conflict, no one seems to be uneasy. Unity in a team leads to great thinks and hopefully we can keep it like that and end up celebrating in December.”