A compact, united team

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 7.- Juan José Purata, Tigres youth player, who has added up minutes in this tournament, clearly indicated that the team is compact and united, since they are fully aware of what’s at play.

At the press conference, the young footballer explained that they know what they failed to do and are working to correct their mistakes.

“The team is fine, very compact, very united. We know what’s at play and we’re doing our best to correct all those issues. We’re working hard to ensure as far as possible that the mistakes made in previous games don’t happen again, but we’re fine, we’re united and we’re very strong,” commented the center-back.

Regarding this week’s work, Purata said that they have been focusing on set-piece situations, both offensive and defensive, since it’s something the team has been struggling with in the Apertura 2018 tournament.

“We’ve been working on set-pieces, specific defensive and offensive plays, emphasizing these details,” he added.

About not adding up minutes in the tournament, the youth player clearly emphasized that e is at the disposition of the coaching staff.

“I’m not concerned. The coaching staff has taken me into consideration. I’m still working with the same humility, the same effort and training hard so that when I get another opportunity, I will be able to do my best.”

Intensity at all times …

“The team is calm. Our work has been very intense. There have been some mistakes, but I think that our performance in the last few games has been good and we’re working to face the Playoffs in the best possible way and to be able to make all our supporters happy.

“The group’s intensity is there, from physical work, tactics, technique, the intensity of fighting for a ball, an intensity that, believe me, is no less in the famous pick-up games where both sides want to win, we’re all competing and giving our all for the good of the group and to be taken into consideration by the coaching staff.”

Compliance with the 20/11 rule

“We’ve been calm throughout the tournament. We knew that sooner or later the number of minutes would be fulfilled (from Rule 20/11), so we’re not worried about that.”