A draw for Tigres in Torreón: 1-1

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 30.-One man down in the last 18 minutes, the UANLTigres came away with a one-goal draw from Santos’ Territory, tying with their hosts and remaining undefeated in the Apertura 2017.
The Champion of Champions 2016 and 2017 went ahead with a goal by Eduardo Vargas, in a fantastic collective play, but were unable to hold on to their lead and even ended up losing Enner Valencia for the next fixture, after being sent off.

The local side, who needed points and its fans support, planned on attacking from the very first minute, hoping to surprise the best defense in the last three tournaments.
Nevertheless, it was our Tigres who had the first opportunity, following a set-piece situation where Jürgen Damm headed a ball sought by Enner Valencia, who was unable to arrive on time, missing this attempt.
In the next play, Santos’ counterattack was cut short by Jesús Dueñas when Osvaldo Martínez looked ready to shoot at Nahuel Guzmán.
At 7’, Diego de Buen confidently attempted a shot that ended up in in Nahuel’s hands.
Later, the 13-minute mark saw a goal by Tigres, in a play practiced during the week, when André-Pierre Gignac passed to Damm on the right, who penetrated the box unmarked, cut back to Eduardo Vargas, who, fighting off a defender, sent the ball past Jonathan Orozco’s left side to score.
With the score in their favor, Ricardo Ferretti’s began to have more ball possession, circulating the ball.
However, Santos began to put the pressure on. At 20’, Osvaldo Martínez’s shot found Nahuel’s hands, a minute later Jorge Torres Nilo saved his side on the goal line, conceding a corner, and at 23’ Martínez was back with a shot that went wide of the left post.
Tigres was losing their ball possession somewhat and Santos took advantage of this with a shot at 28’ by Jorge Tavares that just skimmed past the left post, almost bringing the home fans to cry goal.

In the second half, Tigres came on with the idea of possessing the ball more, against a team that was beginning to move forward in their endeavor to equalize.
André-Pierre Gignac broke away down the left with a long-range ball, controlled t and entered the box, but was defeated by the defense, at minute 49. Aquino repeated this play at 52’ and later on Enner Valencia had an opportunity was a ball that had been left adrift.
Just as Tigres’ control was improving, Furch broke away, got past Juninho and then defeated Nahuel Guzmán with a shot close to the left post.
With the score at 1-1, the game became more intense, with both sides seeking the winning goal.
Santos, at minute 65, attempted a shot through Furch in the box that flew over Nahuel Guzmán’s crossbar. The local side was beginning to look more dangerous for our team.
Tuca then began with his substitutions, taking Damm off and sending Hugo Ayala on, moving Meza more as a right back and leaving the international player in the center next to Juninho.
The evening darkened for our team at minute 77 when Enner Valencia was sent off after being shown a second yellow card, leaving the local side with a numerical advantage.
The Ecuadorian’s red card encouraged Santos to attack more, and almost scored at minute 79 when goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán saved Furch’s shot with one hand, conceding a corner.
Tuca made his second substitution, replacing Gignac with the National Team’s Luis Rodríguez.
This helped to control Santos who were attacking from all sides. In fact, at minute 95, Brian Lozano’s shot, following a set-piece, was sent over the net by Nahuel to concede a corner.
Ultimately, one point is positive for our team, even though it means they have lost the top spot for now in the Apertura 2017.

SANTOS: Jonathan Orozco; Jorge Sánchez, Diego de Buen (Jonathan Rodríguez 81’), Gael Sandoval (Brian Lozano 60’), Julio Furch, Osvaldo Martínez, Néstor Araujo, Ulises Rivas, Gerardo Arteaga, Djaniny Tavares and Jorge Enriquez.
TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Juninho, Francisco Meza, Jorge Torres, Lucas Zelarayan, Javier Aquino, Jürgen Damm (Hugo Ayala 68’), Eduardo Vargas, Enner Valencia and André-Pierre Gignac (Luis Rodríguez 81’).

0-1       (13’) André-Pierre Gignac passed to Damm on the right, who penetrated the box unmarked, cut back to Eduardo Vargas, who controls the ball, fights off a defender, and scores.
1-1       (59’) Julio Furch escapa con marca de Juninho, lo supera y saca tiro raso pegado al poste izquierdo para marcar.

SANTOS: Osvaldo Martínez (33’) y Jorge Sánchez (85’)
TIGRES:  Francisco Meza (30’), Enner Valencia (45+2’), André Gignac (51’), Javier Aquino (87’), Juninho (87’) y Jesús Dueñas (94’)

SANTOS: DT José Manuel de la Torre (34’)
TIGRES: Enner Valencia (77’)

ARBITRO: Roberto García Orozco
No. 1: Jose Luis Camargo
No. 2: Alberto Morín Méndez
Cuarto árbitro: Adonai Escobedo González