A Draw in Puebla: 1-1

PUEBLA, April 26.- In a match played end to end, the UANL Tigres earned a point in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium with a 1-1 draw, so they will have to wait and see whether they can secure second place in this matchday.

A very early own goal by Vladimir Loroña gave Tigres an advantage and in the second half Gustavo Alustiza equalized, bringing our team to a total of 34 points in the Clausura 2019 tournament.



Our side came out onto the pitch in the Cuauhtémoc Stadium clearly seeking to attack and looking for victory, so much so that at minute three they opened the scoring, when Jürgen Damm crossed from the right and Vladimir Loroña put the ball into his own goal.

With the score in our favor, our team became even more determined and, at least at first, enjoyed recovery and overlapping on both flanks, where Damm and Javier Aquino were beginning to put the pressure on.

In fact, at 9’, Aquino opened up a space, but his shot bounced off the left post leaving André-Pierre Gignac to counterattack, but amazingly the ball went over the crossbar.

Rain began to fall on Puebla’s land , as shots from Ricardo Ferretti’s players rained on the goal defended by Nicolás Vikonis.

Puebla had a chance through Francisco Acuña at the 18th minute, but the former Tigres academy player’s shot in the box was intercepted by Carlos Salcedo just meters from Nahuel Guzmán’s goal.

Soon after, Guido Pizarro broke through to get off a mid-range shot that went over the net, just centimeters from the bar.

Damm kept up the pace along the right, accompanied by Luis Rodríguez, and ended up crossing into the box in a couple of plays, but Puebla’s keeper blocked any attempts to attack by our side.

Then, at 29’, Nahuel Guzmán spectacularly denied Puebla their goal, when Jesús Dueñas mistakenly passed to Gustavo Alustiza, but Patón sent the ball out for a corner.



Tigres was determined not to hold back in the second half, forcing the opponent to come out from the back.

At minute 48, André-Pierre Gignac broke into the box on his own and looked as though he would score, but the defense intercepted his attempt.

Afterwards, at 56’, Lucas Zelarayán, who had come on in the second half to replace Eduardo Vargas, nearly scored the second when Javier Aquino crossed to the Argentine as he pressed forward on his own, but, astonishingly, his shot was off-target.

Pardoning can have consequences, since at 61’ Alustiza equalized with a left-footed shot in the box, making it 1-1 to the delight of Puebla’s supporters.

Tuca then made his second substitution, taking Jorge Torres Nilo off to give a Rafael de Souza an opportunity and to fortify the left flank through Dueñas.

At 67’, Nahuel yet again came to the rescue of his net, stretching to the limit to block a shot by Lucas Cavallini, in a play that looked as though it would put the local side ahead.

At minute 75, Damm broke away on the right crossed from a distance looking for Gignac, but the French footballer was unable to finish as the pass was too long.

Tuca chose to make his last change, replacing Damm with Enner Valencia, clearly seeking to refresh the team’s attacking overlap runs.

At the 80-minute mark, Nahuel yet again managed to deflect a shot by Alustiza, just when it seemed as though Puebla would score their second.

Valencia had an opportunity at 84’ when it looked as though he would win a long pass, but the Puebla keeper got in the way.

Two minutes later, Tigres nearly made it two, when Dueñas broke away and crossed to Gignac, but the defense cut off this attempt. Just 45 seconds went by when the French player escaped along the right and crossed looking for Valencia, but the goalkeeper intervened.

Gignac created a good opportunity at 87’, shooting off a half-turn, but missing to the right.

At 96’, Carlos Salcedo’s mid-range shot was only just saved by the keeper, conceding a corner. And in the very next play, Salcedo had a good chance, but the Puebla keeper cleared the ball out for a corner.

And, a minute later, Tigres was saved when Alustiza, having defeated Nahuel, hit the left post.

Near the end, Gignac came close to the second, as did Néstor Vidrio, meaning that, ultimately, football was the winner.



PUEBLA: 34 Nicolás Vikonis; 2 Bryan Angulo, 5 Daniel Arreola, 7 Pablo González, 8 Francisco Acuña (11 Christián Tabó 46’), 9 Lucas Cavallini, 22 Omar Fernández (20 Pablo Gómez 78’), 30 Jesús Zavala, 32 Gustavo Alustiza, 33 Néstor Vidrio and 300 Vladimir Loroña.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 3 Carlos Salcedo, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo (5 Rafael de Souza 62’), 9 Eduardo Vargas (8 Lucas Zelarayán 46’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino, 21 Francisco Meza, 25 Jürgen Damm (13 Enner Valencia 78’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.



0-1 (3’) Jürgen Damm sends a cross into the box and Vladimir Loroña puts the ball into his own goal.

1-1 (61’) Gustavo Alustiza scores from inside the box.



PUEBLA: Vladimir Loroña (9’), Pablo Gómez (94’)

TIGRES: Carlos Salcedo (73’), Jesús Dueñas (89’), Rafael de Souza (94’)



PUEBLA: MGR. José Sánchez (94’)

TIGRES: MGR. Ricardo Ferretti (94’)


REFEREE: Francisco Chacón

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Alejandro Ayala

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Karen Janett Díaz