A formidable finish: 7-0!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, November 5.- Tigres Women look formidable and closed the Apertura 2018 Tournament undefeated, after thrashing the Necaxa Centellas 7-0 to assure the top spot in the Women’s Liga MX.

Moreover, they have finished with 51 goals in 16 matches, reaching a total of 40 points, something that no other team has ever achieved in the Liga, taking the leadership with a clean sweep. They are now ready to focus on the Playoffs and are just waiting to find out who their opponent will be.



For the first minutes of the match, our players seemed to be studying their opponent, passing the ball from one side to the other, without giving any depth to their attempted attacks.

At minute 11, Katty Martínez’s attempted a shot from inside the box, but goalkeeper Paulina Rivera stood firm on her line. Then, at 17’, Nancy Antonio had an opportunity, but Necaxa’s netkeeper intervened yet again.

It seemed as though it would just be a matter of time and, at 18’, Tigres made this quite clear when, off a clearance by goalkeeper Rivera, Belén Cruz came forward to score, to the delight of the more than 3 thousand Incomparable Ones who had braved the cold to go to the  Universitario Stadium.

With the score in their favor, Tigres Women began to increase their possession, pass the ball more and recover almost immediately.

At minute 25, Lizbeth Ovalle broke into the box, where her left-footed shot forced the goalkeeper to leap high to clear the ball and concede a corner. Tigres wanted more and was beginning to put the pressure on, which would lead them to victory number 12.

Liliana Mercado, at 35’, insisted with a mid-range shot that missed to the left, but, a minute later, Ovalle took a direct free kick on the edge of the box that Liliana Sánchez attempted to clear, but ended up putting the ball inside her own net, giving Tigres a comfortable 2-0 lead.

The opponent was t putting up much resistance, although, at 42’, an unmarked Claudia Sánchez found a ball inside the box, but her attempt went high over the crossbar.

A minute later, in the counterattack, Katty Martínez sent a long pass from the left to Ovalle, who crossed inside the box, where Evelyn González finished the play to make it 3-0 and put our players on track for the top spot in the table.



The pace of the second half continued very much the same as in the first, with Tigres Women looking for more, and Necaxa resisting as much as possible, hoping to pull away and achieve something.

At 50’, Katty Martínez made victory even clearer, when Ovalle, on the left, crossed into the box, where Katty received, controlled and put the ball into the net to the right of the goalkeeper, making it 4-0.

Evelyn González broke away at minute 56 and crossed to Katty Martínez outside the box, but the defense intervened to prevent a fifth goal.

Three minutes went by the thrashing was becoming practically scandalous, when Ovalle broke away down the left again, crossed to the far post where Evelyn González headed the ball in for the fifth.

Two minutes later, Tigres almost scored the sixth, but goalkeeper Rivera denied Katty her goal and then, in the counterattack, Carolina Jaramillo, who had come on as a substitute, sent the ball wide to the right.

Tigres’ attack was relentless and, at 67’, Katty Martínez came close again, but the goalkeeper intercepted her shot.

The number was rounded up at minute 78, when Evelyn González scored a superb goal, with a long-distance shot that surprised goalkeeper Rivera, bringing the tally to 6-0, and three minutes later, substitute Fernanda Elizondo appeared to score the seventh with a cross from inside the box.

In the last minute, Necaxa hinted at attempting to score, but Tigres Women’s defense prevailed and hung on to their clean sheet.



TIGRES WOMEN: Alejandra Gutiérrez; Greta Espinoza, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado (Fernanda Elizondo 69’), Evelyn González, Katty Martínez, Natalia Miramontes, Lizbeth Ovalle, Cristina Ferral, Belén Cruz (Carolina Jaramillo 57’) and Paulina Solís (Selene Cortez 78’).


NECAXA WOMEN: Paulina Rivera; Lucía Muñoz, Liliana Sánchez, Vyaney Zorrilla (Melissa García 65’), Fanny Grano (Emil Bautista 78’), Andrea Castellanos, Michelle Medina, Brianda Escobedo, Valeria Meza, Andrea Villalobos (Brenda García 64’) and Claudia Sánchez.




1-0   (18’) Belén Cruz scores from inside the box after escaping from an opponent.

2-0   (36’) Own goal by Liliana Sánchez when trying to head the ball out the goal area.

3-0   (41’) Evelyn González finishes inside the box, assisted by Lizbeth Ovalle on the left.

4-0   (50’) Katty Martínez receives inside the box, controls and scores.

5-0   (59’) Lizbeth Ovalle crosses from the left to Evelyn González who heads the ball in.

6-0 (78’) Evelyn González receives and scores with a long-range screamer.

7-0 (81’) Fernanda Elizondo receives from the right, overcomes an opponent and scores with a cross.




NECAXA WOMEN: Lucía Muñoz (38’)





REFEREE: Guadalupe Arellano

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Yudilia Briones

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Alma Martínez