A home defeat for Tigres by León

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SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, April 1, 2017.- Tigres tried to break through to Leon’s goal numerous times, but couldn’t finish any of the opportunities generated, which resulted in a painful 0-1 defeat at home, making it very difficult for them to win a spot in the Playoffs, although nothing is definite yet.


Ricardo Ferretti presented a team with diverse variations, dropping the Chilean Eduardo Vargas to the bench and replacing him with Lucas Zelarayán, a man with enormous mobility and feinting skills, to give the team greater depth.

Javier Aquino was also back in the starting lineup to cover the left flank, while Ismael Sosa was placed on the right, in an attempt to support the team’s attack. In the defense, ‘Chaka’ Rodriguez was positioned as the right back, giving the side continuity in that zone.


Tigres attacked from the start, showing what the playing style of Ferretti’s men would be. In fact, barely at the second minute, André-Pierre Gignac received the ball in the box, cut back and posed a threat to William Yarbrough’s net with his first shot.

The San Nicolás felines continued to threaten the goal from every angle, with Aquino and Sosa constantly active on the sides, but without being able to find the goal line or finish plays.

At minute 14, Gignac once more reached the goal line, controlled the ball to chip it toward Zelarayán, who was on his own, but the latter player’s header was blocked at the last minute by the defense.

Excitement mounted in the Uni Stadium with the dedication of players such as Guido Pizarro, who had just returned from Argentina and his official debut as a member of his country’s national team. The fans rewarded his fine performance with well-deserved rounds of applause.

At 31’, Sosa had the clearest opportunity of the match up to that point for Tigres, receiving an accurate pass from Dueñas in the box, but his shot went high.

The visitors’ first clear opportunity came at minute 36, but Nahuel Guzmán was quick off the mark to deflect the ball at the last second in a spectacular save.

At 44’, Gignac had a chance off a free kick and almost drove the ball into the net, but it skimmed past the left post, and then, just a minute later, his scissor kick missed the goal.

Tigres had been the immensely superior side, but were unable to consolidate their possession, ending the first half 0-0.


Ferretti decided to start the second half with a substitution. He took ‘Chaka’ Rodríguez and sent Eduardo Vargas on, moving Dueñas to the right flank, Zelarayán to defend and the Chilean up front.

Tigres maintained the same attacking dynamic as in the first 45 minutes, though even more fiercely now. However, they needed to improve the final touch.

During five minutes, the universitarios maintained good control of the ball up to the three-quarter mark of the field, but failed to find depth, which is when León took advantage of a breakthrough by ‘Rifle’ Andrade who defeated Nahuel Guzmán to make it 0-1.

Tigres decided to make a couple more changes, replacing Zelarayán and Torres Nilo with Alberto Acosta and Damián Álvarez, with which Dueñas returned to the defense and Aquino moved back to the left flank.

The San Nicolás de los Garza felines intensified their attack; in fact, Aquino had a clear chance at 81’ face-to-face with the net, but the goalkeeper made a good save to end the threat. Tigres was playing all the way up front, leaving the two center backs to defend alone.

The match ended with numerous problems for the local felines, having been unable to finish or fulfill their crosses, even though their effort and commitment couldn’t have been surpassed, but, today, things just didn’t turn out as they’d hoped.


This was Tigres’ first home defeat by León in short tournaments.





0-1 (66’) Andrés Andrade made the most of a fast breakaway to come face-to-face with Nahuel, cross and score the first goal of the match.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Luis Rodríguez (Eduardo Vargas 46’), Hugo Ayala, Juninho, Jorge Torres Nilo (Damián Álvarez 77’); Guido. Pizarro, Jesús Dueñas, Ismael Sosa and Javier Aquino; Lucas Zelarayán (Alberto Acosta 75’) and André-Pierre Gignac

León: William Yarbrough; Juan González, Guillermo Burdisso, Osvaldo Rodríguez and Juan Cornejo; Carlos Guzmán, Luis Montes (Fernando Navarro 88’), Carlos Peña (Alexander Mejía 68’) and Christian Valdez; Elías Hernández (Darío Burbano 92’) and Andrés Andrade


Jorge Ríos Jácome


Tigres: Juninho (53’), Eduardo Vargas (74’)

León: Andrés Andrade (37’), Juan González (59’), Osvaldo Rodríguez (83’)