A second win for Tigres who remain unbeaten

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Saturday, August 6, 2016.- Tigres is celebrating their second consecutive victory, remains unbeaten and André-Pierre Gignac continues with his scoring streak, not just in the League, but also against the Chiapas Jaguares.

Although the final score was 1-0, it could have been much higher, proving that Ricardo Ferretti’s team appears to be on the right track.

Tigres now has 8 points, the outcome of two ties and two wins, and maintained once more zero goals conceded, totaling 360 minutes without knowing what a goal against feels like. The felines are gradually moving up in the table and positioning themselves in a far more comfortable spot on route to the Playoffs.


Ricardo Ferretti repeated the lineup from day 3’s match against América, with José Francisco ‘Gringo’ Torres side-by-side midfield with Guido Pizarro; Lucas Zelarayán as an attacking midfielder; and Alberto Acosta in the defense, covering the left flank.

Tigres started with a great deal of movement in the midfield, playing far more vertically with clearances by ‘Gringo’ Torres, and with ‘Chino’ Zelarayán from the 9 position presenting far more danger in the Jaguares’ defensive zone.

The visiting team played with a 4-4-2 formation at first, though they changed it to a 4-5-1 at times to offset the ball passes by the felines from San Nicolás.


Tigres put on the pressure right from the start. Javier Aquino looked very keen, often running effortlessly from the left to the center of the field. In fact, in the first few minutes he attempted a mid-range shot that forced the Chiapas goalie to stretch out to send the ball to a corner.

At minute 30, André-Pierre Gignac received a deep ball fromn ‘Chino’ Zelarayán, leaving him alone in front of the Chiapas goal, but his shot smashed into the post and although he tried again with the rebound, a defense came to the rescue.

The UANL Tigres were the better team across the first 45 minutes, but just needed to score. They made the goalkeeper work hard and constantly kept the Chiapas defense on their toes with their passes and, at the 39-minute mark, the referee missed a foul on ‘Chuco’ Sosa that seemed to be a penalty.


Ricardo Ferretti moved his men around from the start of the second half, sending Jesús Dueñas on to replace José Torres, putting him in the same midfield position, supporting recovery and clearances.

Five minutes into the second half, André-Pierre scored a goal, taking advantage of a fast throw-in by Aquino.

‘Tuca’ decided to make two changes, taking Zelarayán and Sosa off, and replacing them with Julián Quiñones and Luis Quiñones, seeking to increase the speed of the felines’ attacks, although at times it seemed that the hosts were losing control midfield.

The match ended 1-0, though Tigres could have scored even more if they had played with a little more finesse.


#TigreDato @10APG has now scored 7 goals against Jaguares since his arrival in Mexico, so this is still the team he has scored most against in this country.



1-0 (55’) Gignac in a shot from outside the box that blasted into the back of the Chiapas net close to the right post. Everything started with a fast throw-in in which Aquino took advantage of a breakaway that left the French player on his own.


Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Israel Jiménez, Hugo Ayala, Juninho and Alberto Acosta; Guido Pizarro, José Torres (Jesús Dueñas 46’), Javier Aquino and Lucas Zelarayán (Luis Quiñones 79’); Ismael Sosa (Julián Quiñones 79’) and André-Pierre Gignac

Jaguares: Óscar Jiménez; Bruno Pereira, Brayan Angulo, Juan Patiño and Luis Venegas; Dieter Villalpando (Javier Orozco 57’), Diego de la Torre, Egidio Arévalo and Jesús Escoboza; Luis Mendoza (José Ayoví 64’) and Vanderley Dias (Martín Zúñiga 90’)

Referee: Miguel Ángel Chacón Viveros


Tigres: Ismael Sosa (40’) and Jesús Dueñas (82’)

Jaguares: None