A superb triumph for Tigres in the Azteca Stadium

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO | Saturday, July 30, 2016.- The tiger awakened and controlled the host, the América Águilas, achieving both their first victory and first goal of the tournament. The goals scored by Javier Aquino, André-Pierre Gignac and Ismael Sosa can simply be labeled as superb.

Tigres has won all of the last three League matches against Águilas, but, this time, their triumph means that Ricardo Ferretti’s boys have a total of five points and are unbeaten so far in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura).


Absences by Jorge Torres Nilo and Jesús Dueñas for this match against Águilas, gave José Francisco ‘Gringo’ Torres the chance to play in the defense and form a duo in the area with Guido Pizarro.

Damián Álvarez was ruled out due to injury, and replaced by Lucas ‘Chino’ Zelarayán in the midfield, who, together with Javier Aquino, constantly fed balls to André-Pierre Gignac and Ismael Sosa.

Tigres dominated the game right from the start and sought their opponent’s goal time after time, taking advantage of a key weapon: mid-range shots, though not with a great deal of success.


The felines were in no way intimidated by the Azteca Stadium, putting on the pressure right from the kickoff and seeking the opponent’s goal with mid-range shots, that went wide of the goal defended by Hugo González.

Just as Tigres was pressuring the most, two fouls were committed outside América’s area, a situation taken advantage of by Juninho to send the ball into the goalie’s hands, with a shot that was made difficult by its effect.

Soon after, at the 37-minute mark, a superb goal was scored by Aquino, who took advantage of an opportunity from the left flank and sent the ball into the goal, with a shot known as a chip that smashed into the left post and then into the back of the net.

In injury time, América was left with 10 men after Renato Ibarra imprudently made contact with the center forward Juninho, earning himself a red card.


After Ibarra was sent off at the end of the first half, the felines gained even further control of the match, putting on the pressure in América’s territory, endeavoring to take the ball of the opponent as soon as possible.

Aquino continued to tear his opponents to shreds on the left flank, but it was Gignac who appeared with a ball crossed from the right to simply lob the ball over González, the goalkeeper, and score his first goal of the Apertura 2016, and fourth in five games against Águilas.

The felines were relentless until the very end; even without Aquino, Acosta, who was injured, or Zelarayán, the team dominated the match end to end.  Luis Quiñones came on and the Colombian set the ball up for Sosa, who entered the zone, dribbled past the defense and the goalkeeper, crossing the ball to score the third goal of the match.

Tigres remains unbeaten after obtaining this well-deserved victory, moving them up towards the top positions of the table with 5 points.


In the last three matches against América, Tigres has scored 8 goals and received just one goal against, Of these 8 goals, 3 were scored by André-Pierre Gignac.



0-1 (37’) Superb goal by Javier Aquino from the left, slamming the ball into the left post and on the rebound into the back of the net.

0-2 (59’) Fantastic goal by André-Pierre Gignac, chipping the ball past the goalkeeper to give the felines a 2-0 lead.

0-3 (93’) Ismael Sosa shook off the opponents in the box and sent a cross shot past the goalie to give Tigres their third goal.


América: Hugo González; Paul Aguilar, Pablo Aguilar, Bruno Valdez and Osmar Mares; Renato Ibarra, José Guerrero (Jesús Moreno 84’), Osvaldo Martínez and Rubens Sambueza; Darwin Quintero (William da Silva 60’) and Silvio Romero

Tigres: Nahuel Guzmán; Israel Jiménez, Hugo Ayala, Juninho and Alberto Acosta (Manuel Viniegra 76’); Guido Pizarro, José Torres, Javier Aquino (Luis Quiñones 84’) and Lucas Zelarayán (Jürgen Damm 60’); Ismael Sosa and André-Pierre Gignac

Referee: Jorge Isaac Rojas


América: None

Tigres: Ismael Sosa (55’) and Alberto Acosta (69’)


América: Renato Ibarra (46’)