A thriller! 3-3 against Pumas

MEXICO, October 21.- In what for many was the best match of the day, the UANL Tigres twice lost their lead to end up drawing 3-3 against the UNAM Pumas.

The match was not for the weak-hearted, since both the score and the teams were coming and going, the reserve Rafael Durán made his debut as a scorer, while adding on minutes for the 20/11 rule.


Our team started the match with a certain degree of diffidence, allowing the opponent to take the initiative and attack, to the extent that, at minute six, Carlos opened the scoring for the home side.
The Paraguayan saw the loose ball in the box, after Nahuel Guzmán had come off his line to block an attempt, took advantage and put the ball into the empty goal to open the scoring.
Tigres had a chance at minute 16, with a header by Guido Pizarro that went wide to the right, but the sides were beginning to be more equally matched on the pitch.

Later, at minute 23, the Chilean Eduardo Vargas received a ball in the center, defeated two defenders and surprised goalkeeper Saldívar with a mid-range shot to equalize.

With the score at 1-1, Tuca’s players began to feel more settled on the field of play and, at 27’, Rafael de Souza attempted a powerful mid-range shot, forcing the goalkeeper to concede a corner.

Then, the reserve Rafael Durán experienced the delight of every boy who dreams of becoming a footballer, when Javier Aquino crossed from the left and the Under-20 scorer controlled the ball and scored with a left-footed shot, putting his side ahead 2-1.

Tigres’ confidence continued to grow, seeking opportunities in the opponent’s goal area with greater determination, and, at 36’, André-Pierre Gignac came close to the third, but Saldívar blocked his shot and then another one by Aquino at 43’.

Just as we were about to finish the first half with an advantage, the Paraguayan player, González, equalized by putting the ball into the net by the right-hand post.


In the second half, the teams sought to play neck to neck, but our  Tigres were the ones who made their fans shout ‘goal’ once more, when, at 47’, Aquino broke away down the left and crossed to Gignac, who scored his tenth goal of the tournament with a left-footed shot.

At 55’, Gignac almost scored his second of the afternoon, when he broke away unmarked with a long ball, but the referee called offside.

Tuca decided to take Durán off, at minute 58, and allow Colombian Julián Quiñones to play, seeking to speed up Tigres’ attack.

Then, at 60’, in an offensive overlap, Vargas cleared from the left to Aquino, who looked for Quiñones in the box, but the defense intervened, stealing the ball.

But the opponent had more to say, when, at 62’, Carlos González leapt up inside the box, and headed the ball in, equalizing for his team. The 3-3 score meant anything could happen in the Universitario Olympic Stadium.
At minute 68, Nahuel made an impressive save in the six-yard box, keeping Tigres safe after a shot by Pablo Barrera.

A minute afterwards, Quiñones sent the Tigre nation wild when he scored the fourth, but the goal was annulled as Chaka Rodríguez, who had assisted from the right was offside.

Later, at 73’, Quiñones came in from the right, sent a cross looking for Gignac, but the French player was unable to connect comfortably and the option disappeared.

Then Gignac came close at 77’, assisted by Quiñones from the right, but the French footballer’s cross went wide to the left.

Our manager decided to make the second substitution, replacing Vargas with Ismael Sosa, a well-known player on this pitch, with the idea of refreshing the attack, since the rain was beginning to affect the field of play.
Minutes afterwards, Gignac came off to give Enner Valencia a chance, with the task of fighting for the ball up front.

Around 89’, Valencia brought the goalkeeper off his line, but the angle was too small, so he passed to Quiñones, who lost the ball and our team’s opportunity fizzled out.

Incredibly, Sosa could have scored the winning goal at 91’, but his shot from inside the box went high, over Saldívar’s net. Seconds later, it was Guido Pizarro who penetrated the box, looking as though he would most certainly finish, but the defense intervened.


UNAM: Alfredo Saldívar; Alán Mozo, Alejandro Arribas, Luis Quintana, Alán Mendoza (Matías Alustiza 58’), Pablo Barrera, Víctor Malcorra, Andrés Iniestra, Martín Rodríguez (Juan Iturbe 81’), Carlos González and Felipe Mora (David Cabrera 74’).
TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Luis Rodríguez, Juninho, Hugo Ayala, Jesús Dueñas, Rafael de Souza, Guido Pizarro, Javier Aquino, Rafael Durán (Julián Quiñones 58’), Eduardo Vargas (Ismael Sosa 81’) and André-Pierre Gignac (Enner Valencia 85’).


1-0 (6’) Carlos González shoots into an empty goal.
1-1 (23’) Eduardo Vargas mid-range shot to the upper right corner.
1-2 (32’) Rafael Durán receives a cross from Javier Aquino, controls and scores with a left-footed shot.
2-2 (44’) Carlos González from inside the six-yard box puts the ball into the net by the right-hand post.
2-3 (47’) Javier Aquino breaks away down the left and crosses to André Gignac, who scores with a left-footed shot.
3-3 (62’) Header by Carlos González that was impossible for Nahuel Guzmán to intercept.

UNAM: Alán Mendoza (53’), Pablo Barrera (56’), Alán Mozo (66’)


REFEREE: César Ramos Palazuelos
ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Mario López Carrillo
ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Michel Morales Morales
FOURTH OFFICIAL: Brian Omar González