A Win for Tigres Women

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, March 18th.- Tigres Women achieved a win again in the Clausura 2019 tournament, defeating Santos Women 2-0, to hold onto third place in Group Two.

Goals by Liliana Mercado and Lizbeth Ovalle helped the team to reach a total of 26 points, compared with 29 for Rayadas and 27 for Atlas.



In the first half, Tigres Women dominated in possession, but not in depth, with short passes all over the field, but ineffectiveness in penetrating the opponent’s box and, without taking the initiative, focused on counterattacks.

Minute 13 saw an attempt by Lizbeth Ovalle, but Santos’ netkeeper, Wendy Toledo, cleared the ball for a corner.

Then, at 21’, a shot by Katty Martínez inside the box was blocked and, later, at 35’, she came close to scoring from right in front of the net, but the goalkeeper intervened, conceding a corner.

Santos reacted through Cynthia Peraza, when she saw that our goalkeeper had come off her line, getting off a shot that came close to going into the net, but Ofelia Solís responded brilliantly and saved the ball, at minute 41.



The pace of the match remained much the same after the break, with the yellow-and-blues having possession, while the side from the Comarca region tried to come out from the back with long passes.

At the 51st minute, as Belén Cruz broke into the goal area, the keeper came off her line and committed a foul, forcing the referee to award a penalty. A minute later, Liliana Mercado converted the penalty, missed but Sully scored in the counterattack, putting her side ahead 1-0.

At 59’, a long pass looked for Belén, who had entered the box, but a defender intercepted her good chance at goal.

Then, at 61’, Mariana Elizondo’s shot from outside the box was blocked by the woodwork, saving Santos from conceding a second goal.

And, at 65’, Lizbeth Ovalle scored a superb goal, shaking off two defenders on the edge of the box and firing off a left-footed shot that the goalkeeper didn’t stand a chance of saving, making it 2-0.

Afterwards, Mariana Elizondo had a good look at scoring the third, but her shot was sent out for a corner by Santos’ netkeeper.

At 73’, Liliana Rodríguez, who had just come on, conceded a corner when her direct kick rebounded off the wall.

An unmarked Ovalle came close to the third at minute 79, receiving in the box, but she took too long to get into position and then shake off her marker, giving the defense time to intervene.

A few minutes later, at 83’, Mariana Elizondo managed a long-range shot, but wasn’t able to score the third either since the ball hit the bar.

Daniela Delgado came close to reducing the difference when a defensive error allowed her to come face-to-face with the goalkeeper, but her shot went high.

At 89’, Nayeli Rangel penetrated the box and made it 3-0, only for her goal to be disallowed for an alleged offside.



TIGRES WOMEN: 20 Ofelia Solís; 4 Greta Espinoza, 6 Nancy Antonio (27 Liliana Rodríguez 69’), 7 Liliana Mercado (11 Nayeli Rangel 78’), 10 Katty Martínez, 13 Karen Luna, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz (9 Evelyn González 73’), 22 Selene Cortés and 32 Mariana Elizondo.


SANTOS: 29 Wendy Toledo; 5 Ana Gutiérrez, 7 Brenda Guevara (20 Sofía Ochoa 77’), 10 Cinthya Peraza, 11 Nancy Quiñones, 14 Katia Estrada, 15 Daniela Delgado, 18 Aide Pérez, 19 Isela Ojeda (30 Yeni Rodríguez 84’), 23 Alexxandra Ramírez and 28 Linda Valdez.




1-0   (52’) Penalty converted by Liliana Mercado, saved by the goalkeeper, but Mercado counterattacks and scores.

2-0 (65’) Lizbeth Ovalle receives on the edge of the box, overcomes two defenders and scores with a left-footed lob over the keeper.