Aarón Fernández asks Tigres’ supporters not to worry about the goal

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, February 8, 2017.- He just debuted in the First Division on Saturday, realizing his dream at age 29 of defending Tigres’ goal in an official Liga MX match, and Aarón Fernández is delighted to have had this opportunity and, at the same time, asks the feline fans to keep calm.

“They needn’t worry, we all work hard, work every single day for this moment and, as Miguel Ángel (Garza, Tigres’ sports delegate) says, if I’m here it’s because I’ve got good qualities. I didn’t have an opportunity when I was younger (to debut), but I’ve never stopped working for when I’m needed and I hope I do a good job,” said the universitarios’ goalkeeper.

His debut has been a special moment for him.

“Yes, of course (its’s a special moment). I’ve waited a long time and to tell you the truth, I’m very excited, very happy that the moment has finally arrived. It took about 10 years, but now all I can do is face up to it, accept the challenge. It’s a huge responsibility, but I’ve worked hard for this moment and I think I’m ready for anything that might come.”

His teammates have expressed their full confidence in his work.

“I’ve talked to them, they’ve given me their full support, confidence. They are excellent people and unfortunately my debut was the result of an injury, but that’s out of our hands. Sometimes God makes strange decisions, but I have to face up to the challenge. I’m very excited, very happy about this situation.”

He defines his playing style.

“I really like to play with my feet, I like to come out of the net as well, though I go a bit crazy with that at times, perhaps after watching Nahuel (Guzmán) so much (laughter). I like to come out just like him, at times I do crazy things, but with responsibility, knowing that everyone is playing for the team.  I also like to save and I think I’ve got good reflexes.”

The reason for his nickname ‘Shocker’.

“After the wrestler who thought he was so good looking.”

Perseverance is the key.

“The truth is, it’s very difficult (waiting so long to make my debut). It requires a great deal of patience and, to be honest, at times I had thought that I would never get to realize my dream, that it would be very difficult.

“The goalkeeper coaches I’ve had have been very supportive, they’ve encouraged me not to give up, and both Vicente Munguía and Abdón Calderón have supported me so much and given me a lot of advice. And, in the end, perseverance and not giving in to depression has paid off.”

He feels mentally strong to face Pachuca.

“Mentally I’m fine, I’m very strong. I’ve felt very good in the training sessions. I thought I’d be so nervous when I made my debut, but when I went onto the pitch, it was as though I was in an intersquad match, very confident and not nervous at all. I’ve felt like that all week and I’m sure this weekend’s match will go very well.”