Advínculaya transfers to Tigres

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, January 26, 2017.- The Peruvian Luis Jan Piers Advíncula Castrillón has joined Tigres as a reinforcement for the team in the 2017 Winter Tournament (Clausura), bringing with him excellent credentials, after playing for his country’s National Team and the Argentine side, Newell’s Old Boys.

The South American right-back was considered one of the best Peruvian footballers in the last edition of the Copa América, owing to his technical skills and speed to constantly cover the entire length of the touchline.

As a child, he was nicknamed ‘Gato’ (Cat), but that later changed to ‘Bolt’, since even when he was little he was so fast that his parents couldn’t catch up with him to scold him.

He is the son of former footballer, Luis Antonio Advíncula, and Felicia Castrillón, a retired cook. As a little boy, he would play in the streets of his hometown Chincha, Perú, where his father coached the neighborhood team.

His parents describe him has an extrovert who is perfectly happy to go out and speak to everyone he meets, whether they are mechanics, bakers or whoever. In fact, his mother highlights his joyous, vivacious nature.

He’s good at dancing and loves Afro-Peruvian music. He has had to prove his detractors wrong, as they questioned his capacity and assured he was a diamond in the rough who could never be polished. However, nowadays, they have offered him a public apology.

At the age of 19, he started his career as a professional footballer with Juan Aurich, then moved to Sporting Cristal, a team that opened the doors for him to Europe in 2012, when he transferred to Hoffenheim. He then came back to America to join Ponte Preta, in Brazil.

Afterwards, he returned to Sporting and a few months later went on to Ponte Preta, in Brazil; Vitória Setúbal, in Portugal, Bursaspor, in Turkey, and Newell’s Old Boys, in Argentina.

Lucho, as his family calls him, is now embarking on a new adventure with the team in which his fellow countryman, Gerónimo Barbadillo, shone. Although his favorite dish is carapulcra with pasta (a traditional Peruvian pork or chicken stew in a peanut sauce), he will now be trying Monterrey’s traditional flavors. … Welcome to Tigres, Lucho!

Advíncula’s Data

Name: Luis Jan Piers Advíncula Castrillón

Date of birth: March 2, 1990

Place of birth: Chincha, Peru

Position: Right-back

Height: 1.77 m.

Weight: 77 kg.


Juan Aurich (Per)  2009

Sporting Cristal (Per)           2010-2012

Hoffenheim (Ger)   2012-2013

Ponte Preta (Bra)  2013

Hoffenheim (Ger) 2013-2014

Sporting Cristal    2014

Vitória Setúbal       2014-2015

Bursaspor              2015-2016

Newell’s Old Boys 2016