América vs. Tigres will be an entertaining, end-to-end match.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, July 28, 2016.- Matches against the América Águilas are usually attractive and turn out to be entertaining and end to end, affirmed the Tigres goalkeeper, Nahuel Guzmán, who clarified that this weekend’s game is unlikely to be any different, especially as the felines are hoping to achieve their first victory of the season at the Azteca Stadium.

“We are playing away (at the Azteca Stadium) in search of the first victory of the tournament on a pitch that is difficult, but also familiar to us, and we earned three points there last season, in similar circumstances I believe, at the beginning of the tournament.

“We have played against this opponent quite often recently; we know each other and these matches are often entertaining. So, it’s not a rival that waits for us, but often plays on the same level and I’m imagining a match with these characteristics, entertaining, end to end, with opportunities and the desire to win three points, while never forgetting the opponent and the field we will be facing,” ‘Patón’ explained.

The Argentine acknowledged that after so many matches against Águilas, they have fully identified how this Saturday’s rival plays and what they have to do to stay ahead.

“We know how América plays and how we have to play this sort of matches, with patience, calmly, knowing that they will be able to take advantage of playing at home. They put on the pressure, have powerful players from the midfield forwards, who are fast, agile and when we have the ball, which is the best game for us, and when we have to defend because the opponent is overcoming us, we have to keep together in the middle and three-quarters of the field, making sure there are no spaces left open,” he stated.

The reporters asked ‘Patón’ how he felt about reaching 40 consecutive matches playing entire matches as a regular starter, and he commented that this is a statistic that makes him very happy because it reflects his constancy and the trust the manager has placed in him.

“Starting is important, the manager’s trust is important. These circumstances offer me the chance to compete and share this position with two great goalkeepers and fantastic individuals. I think that any of us who has to defend our goal is prepared to do so, so the starting decision is usually up to the manager. I’m happy because playing is good for me, starting is good for me. I’ve spent quite a while on the bench, so I’m enjoying this moment,” he said.