Another Away Win: 1-0!

TOLUCA, January 27.- An arcing goal scored by Luis Quiñones just before the end of the first half gave the UANL Tigres a 1-0 victory over the Toluca Diablos Rojos, on the fourth day of the Clausura 2019 tournament.

At minute 43, Quiñones, assisted by Javier Aquino, who was back from an injury, shot from outside the box. The ball went into the upper-right corner of the net, hit the crossbar and bounced onto the turf inside the goal.

Tigres reaches seven points in the tournament, all of which have been earned in away games, with a win in Tijuana, a draw in León and today’s result in Toluca.



The first 45 minutes  were played from one end to the other, although Toluca had the edge in possession and in creating opportunities. Their first attempt at attacking Nahuel Guzmán’s goal came in the very first minute, but the shot was off target.

Our players responded swiftly when Aquino, at minute three, crossed from the left, forcing the defense to muster all their skills to clear the shot.

Eduardo Vargas had another chance three minutes later, with a mid-distance shot that was wide to the left. Tigres was beginning to put the pressure on their opponent’s goal.

Nahuel Guzmán pulled out all the stops at 12’ when Rodrigo Salinas broke into the box, forcing Patón (Nahuel Guzmán) to clear the ball, and then missing with his shot off the rebound.

Then, at 17’, Patón was put to the test yet again, brilliantly saving a header by Triverio that came close to opening the scoring.

Soon after, at 27’, Toluca gave another warning, when Santiago García’s header from inside the goal area went wide to the left. The Diablos were beginning to put the pressure on.

At 30’, Guido penetrated the box, in a one-two with Luis Quiñones, but the defense cleared the play to concede a corner. Toluca reacted at 37’, with a header inside the box by Luis Mendoza that Nahuel just managed to clear, giving away a corner.

Just when the pressure from the Diablos was at its height, Aquino came up along the left, broke through the defense and crossed to Luis Quiñones, who arced the shot into the net, scoring a goal that was validated by VAR.



In the second half, Toluca pushed their lines forward and the match became more of a duel between strategists. Ricardo Ferretti replaced Vargas with Jorge Torres Nilo to create a line of five, but on seeing the pressure exerted by the opponent, he decided to send Julián Quiñones and Jürgen Damm on to create opportunities along the flanks.

At 51’, the Diablos made their way into the box, though only to toy with Nahuel’s goal, since nobody managed to finish. Then, at 58’, Luis Mendoza stole from Carioca, but his shot went high over Nahuel Guzmán’s goal.

Toluca was beginning to put the pressure on with set plays, but Tigres’ defense steadfastly held their ground.

Nevertheless, at 74’ Gignac lowered a long pass from Luis Quiñones, controlled, but his shot went wide of Alfredo Talavera’s goal.

At 76’, Nahuel came into action again, saving an attempt by Gigliotti. Then, at 84’, Pardo’s shot was easily blocked by Nahuel, and, at 85’ Triverio had an opportunity, but wasn’t able to get past Tigres’ keeper either.

The opponent broke into the box over and over again determined to score, particularly when five minutes were added to the clock at 90’.

Toluca then put the pressure on Nahuel’s net, with a shot that went high at 91’ and, at 95’, Nahuel intercepted a ball that would have levelled the game.



TOLUCA: 1 Alfredo Talavera; 2 Fernando Tobio, 3 Santiago García, 7 Luis Mendoza, 8 William Da Silva (20 Federico Mancuello 67’), 15 Antonio Ríos, 19 Felipe Pardo, 21 Enrique Triverio, 29 Rodrigo Salinas, 33 Jonatan Maidana and 289 Diego Abella (9 Emmanuel Gigliotti 46’).


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 9 Eduardo Vargas (6 Jorge Torres Nilo 64’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino (33 Julián Quiñones 65’), 21 Francisco Meza, 26 Luis Quiñones (25 Jürgen Damm 81’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.




0-1 (43’) Luis Quiñones arcs the ball into the corner of the net from outside the goal area.



TOLUCA: Antonio Ríos, (43’) and Felipe Pardo (46’).

TIGRES: Luis Quiñones (43’), Jesús Dueñas (46’), André Gignac (66’), Nahuel Guzmán (86’) and Luis Rodríguez (88’).





REFEREE: Jorge Isaac Rojas


ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Marco Bisguerra