At Tigres, it’s time to believe in our work and our players.- Damián Álvarez

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, February 14, 2017.- For Damián Álvarez, Tigres’ current difficulties in the 2017 Winter Tournament (Clausura) can be summed up in two points. First, the players are going through a rough patch in their individual work right now, and, second, as a result, collectively they are not performing well.

Nevertheless, the Argentine midfielder made it quite clear that there is still time to get back on track.

“These are the moments when we have to believe in our work, believe in the players, in their individual capacity. Obviously, things aren’t perfect right now, and the individual capacity is producing a deficit in the collective work.

“When individualities aren’t at their best, it affects the team as a whole. I think it’s important for each player to improve and, clearly, that is linked to everything else, such as decisiveness, generating plays and obtaining results.

“I think we should continue to grow in what we have already achieved, without changing everything we’ve always trusted. Simply, improve, each and every one of us should improve, since this is key to getting out of this bad patch,” said ‘Enano’.

This situation has been overcome before.

“We have to realize that in the face of assumptions or the creation of a squad of this stature, these results are not good, so we should be aware of where we are right now, and take responsibility for it. This is the situation right now and we’ve been through this before and been able to overcome it. Now we’re facing this dilemma again and we have to rise above it. We have a squad with an enormous capacity, an individual capacity that we must exploit. Right now, I feel our level us low, and by improving this, I think the team will rapidly get back on our usual track.”

The margin of error is very narrow.

“At the moment, the margins of error are very narrow, we need to keep this in mind and win to earn more points. This start has been one of the worst ever for us and we need to turn this around. We’ve got everything we need to do so. We must push ourselves, starting from inside the team, consider what each of us can contribute to the team and get on with it. In this way, working together, we’ll get through this. There are still more matches to go, but we shouldn’t count how many. We just need to start winning as of this Friday.”

Blaming Gignac alone for the goal drought is selfish.

“We’re all involved in every aspect; all of us would like him (Gignac) to score 100 goals, but we need to understand that the goal generation isn’t that great, not even to score. We need to change what we are doing, we’re not performing well and I think it’s very unfair to always point a finger at this player or the other who’s not scoring. It’s very selfish of everyone who is saying that.”

We can still think about winning the Liga and CONCACAF.

“I don’t think CONCACAF is an escape mechanism. We’ve got time for both tournaments. There are 30 of us in the squad and we’re all part of it. The manager can count on all of us, so we can handle both competitions. There’s no point choosing one or the other; we’ve got a chance in both of them, and we’ve already discussed this. There’s still a way to go, but I think we need to start producing results immediately.”