At Tigres, we need to work with humility and intensity.- Guido Pizarro

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Wednesday, February 15, 2017.- Positive results will come back to the team by working with intensity and humility, in the same way as Tigres has done in their moments of success, assured Guido Pizarro, defensive midfielder for the universitarios, who reiterated that they can only achieve victory again by working together.

“(There’s) no pressure, we know that we’re not in the right place, but we have to work, (we know that) the path that led us to produce positive results was hard work with humility, and that’s what we’ll carry on doing.

“We also have to be aware of what we’re not doing or not doing properly, but this team was crafted to fight for the top spots and right now we’re not there. But, as I said, there’s still time, there’s no need to change the way we are or work, but it is time to react, achieve results, because the fixtures that have gone by are points lost that could affect us later,” commented the Argentine player.

We need to try even harder.

“The mood isn’t the best, we know that the situation we’re in isn’t what we’d like, but we need to try even harder, strive to carry on working in the same way as always to produce good results. I think that’s the path that led us to positive results, so we’re not going to change now and definitely need to contribute more to turn this situation around.”

Self-criticism is a good place to start.

“As I’ve just said, the path that led us to good results was working with humility, knowing what each and every one of us is doing right and what we’re doing wrong, then with that self-criticism, that humility and working day after day is how we’re going to turn this around, all of us together, none of us can do it alone and we’re aware of that, and hopefully this Friday we can demonstrate it on the field and not just with words.”

Tigres isn’t in crisis.

“I don’t think so (that we’re in crisis), personally there haven’t just been negative results and there’s still a long way to go. No doubt if we win two or three matches running, people will be talking about our good moment and stop talking about this. We have to go for the first victory, find a better team and then take it match by match.”

We hope to improve on the pitch.

“Partly, I think we need to focus on what we do, first improve our individual and then our collective performance as far as possible. What we’re going to do on the pitch is the priority and we hope to improve.”

There are other good options in Aquino’s absence.

“Personally, Aquino’s absence won’t affect me. We have other options, Damián, Luis Quiñones can play and they are first-rate footballers, as is Javier, and they will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to the team, because they haven’t been starters or played a lot, so that will be positive too. However, as I said, no one can win the match alone; we have to improve as a team in order to win and that’s what we all want.”