Award for fans’ commitment to change their chant in the stadium.

MONTERREY, NL | OCTOBER 7, 2017.- Tigres’ supporters were recognized today at the Ninth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, since the Incomparable Ones, as the fans are known, have managed to successfully implement the Tigres Chant initiative in each goal kick by the opponent’s goalkeeper.
With this gesture, the fans have given four schools the opportunity to be remodeled, thus enhancing the school environment for the children and their families, which will translate into a positive effect on their education and quality of life.
The award was presented by Chris Kukk, Director of the Center for Compassion, Creativity and Innovation, and Cristina González, Director of EMV, and received, on behalf of all the supporters, by the Cepeda Maldonado family, who, as season ticket holders, participated in this transformation of the chant to “Eeeeh, Tigres”.
From Tigres, goalkeepers Enrique Palos and Miguel Ortega also attended, accompanied by Beatriz Ramos, Chief Commercial and Communications Officer, and Alberto Palomino, Chief Administrative and Operations Officer.