Back to basics.- Chaka

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, December 17th.- With regard to the start of the Clausura 2019 Tournament, Luis Rodríguez believes that it will be best to get back to basics in their work and game, which is what has given them so many championships.

Chaka, as he is known, explained that training has been very intense, describing the double sessions as short, but very precise practices.

“We need to get back to basics, which is what has given us so many championships, and begin to play in a more compact way,” he said.

Regarding the players who have left, such as Juninho, who retired, and Ismael Sosa, who transferred to the Pachuca Tuzos, he said he will miss them, but there are enough members of the squad to take their place.

“They are players (Juninho and Sosa) who will be missed, but there is a great deal of competition from many others who were here at the same time as them; competition is always fierce here, though I hope it doesn’t affect us.”

Regarding objectives…

“First to qualify and then to play in the Finals, in every tournament.”

Why did the team stop playing the way they did when they were champions?

“I think it has a lot to do with the opponent. Our squad has been together for a long time and now they know us better.”

A good year for him…

“First of all, I hope to be injury-free and I think that by training every day, I will be able to stay in the National Team.”

How the team feels…

“Those of us who are here see not reaching the final rounds of the Playoffs as a failure, since the squad we have is capable of that and more.”

Was it a matter of attitude or a problem on the pitch?

“We are all very professional and direct. It was more a matter of what the opponents were doing. It’s always so frustrating when we know we could have done more, so we’re working on that during this pre-season, learning from our mistakes and making sure it doesn’t happen again.”

How much will the defense be affected by Juninho’s absence?

“We have players for that position, such as Hugo (Ayala), (Francisco) Meza, young footballers from the Under-20. I’m not worried about his absence. Of course, we’ll miss him, but I’m confident with the payers we have here.”