Back to Winning Ways: 2-1!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 21.- Tigres Women are back to winning ways in the Clausura 2019 of the Women’s Liga MX, after beating the Atlas Rojinegras 2-1 to claim the top spot of their group for now, with six points.

Belén Cruz took advantage of a mistake by the goalkeeper to put the ball in the net in the first half, and Evelyn González scored a superb goal in the second half, giving Tigres Women their second win of the season.



A difficult match was on display from the very start on the Universitario Stadium pitch, where Tigres Women had possession against an opponent that was constantly seeking a surprise attack.

In fact, just five minutes in, goalkeeper Alejandra Gutiérrez had to stretch herself to the limit to save our team’s goal, blocking a shot from a set-piece situation, then the defense intervened to put an end to this close opportunity.

Afterwards, at 16’, Paulina Solís’s header inside the box missed to the right, just centimeters from the net.

Ramón Villa Zeballos’ players continued to have ball possession, recovering quickly and advancing well with the ball.

At minute 20, Fernanda Elizondo came close with a mid-distance shot, then, at 22’, Blanca Solís’ attempt was off target and, at 24’, Jaquelín García had an opportunity in the air, but goalkeeper Ana Gaby Paz intercepted her shot.

Atlas had a good chance at 25’, when Ale Gutiérrez yet again had to give her all to prevent the fall of her goal, snatching the ball from an opponent’s feet.

The end-to-end game favored our players, who kept on trying over and over again, such as at 35’, when Belén Cruz’s shot was cleared, conceding a corner. In the next play, a header by Greta Espinoza went wide of the right post.

At 40’, Paulia Solís, inside the box, missed in front of a practically empty goal, to Atlas’ relief, but it was a different story at 42’, when nobody intercepted a long pass from inside the box by Belén Cruz that ended up in the back of the net. Our players were ahead 1-0.



The same pace continued in the second half, with one team more eager to score their second goal than the rival was to equalize.

Belén Cruz continued to look for opportunities along the right, while Paulina Solís constantly broke into the box with determination, while Atlas waited for any error, such as the one made by Jazmín Enrigue at 55’, who pushed an opponent, giving away a penalty.

A minute later, Fernanda Pérez wasted this opportunity with a powerful shot that was too high, allowing Tigres to avoid the equalizer.

Nevertheless, Atlas refused to surrender and kept up their attack of Ale Gutiérrez’s goal, winning corner kicks, such as at 62’ when Ale heroically intercepted a header.

Two minutes afterwards, a goal by Atlas was disallowed for offside, clearly showing that the opponent was going to persist in their attack.

At minute 76, Evelyn González took the edge off with a long-range shot that surprised Atlas’s netkeeper, making it 2-0 to give Tigres a more comfortable lead.

Five minutes afterwards, Atlas reacted and found what they had been looking for, when Fabiola Ibarra took a free kick outside the penalty area and lobbed the ball in to bring the opponent closer with a 2-1 score.

Tigres responded when Fernanda Elizondo came very close, but goalkeeper Ana Gaby Paz dived to prevent the goal.

Then, at 93’, Belén Cruz had a good chance to score her second of the evening, but smashed the ball into the crossbar off a long-range direct free kick.



TIGRES WOMEN: 1 Alejandra Gutiérrez; 3 Jazmin Enrigue, 4 Greta Espinoza, 5 María Elizondo, 9 Evelyn González, 15 Cristina Ferral, 18 Belén Cruz, 19 Blanca Solís (24 Vanesa González 83’), 21 Jaquelín García, 22 Selene Cortés (16 Sonia Vázquez 88’) and 23 Paulina Solís (17 Natalia Villarreal 71’).


ATLAS: 1 Ana Gaby Paz; 2 Karla García, 3 María Fernanda Pérez, 4 María Martínez (14 Maritza Maldonado 73’), 5 Alejandra Franco, 10 Ana Rodríguez, 11 Claudia Ibarra, 16 Mitzi Martínez, 21 Andrea Balderas (28 Ana Rosa García 50’), 26 Zellyka Arce and 30 Alison González.




1-0 (42’) Belén Cruz’s long-range shot avoids interception and ends up in the back of the net.

2-0 (76’) Evelyn González surprises the goalkeeper with a long-distance shot and scores.

2-1 (81’) Fabiola Ibarra lobs the ball in off a direct free kick.




ATLAS WOMEN: Zellika Arce (41’)





REFEREE: Karen Hernández

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Rafael García

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Luis Osvaldo Ibarra

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Mario Alberto Loredo