Being Champions Is What Matters.- Nahuel

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 11th.- Reaching the Final has been the team’s goal since the start of the Concacaf Champions League. Where they play isn’t important, but winning and being champions is what matters, Nahuel Guzmán affirmed.

“That possibility (of a local derby final) is practically assured, we just need to wait for today’s result to determine whether the second leg will be at home or we’ll have to define the series as visitors.

“If you’d asked me this question about what I wanted at the start of the championship, against Saprissa, the first thing I would have said is to reach the Final. Right now, it doesn’t matter whether we’ll be playing the second leg as the home or visiting side.

“I don’t have a preference. You can prove that you’re the champion or the best on any pitch,” said the three-times League champion goalkeeper with Tigres.

It’s not about a rematch…

“It’s something we really want, we’ve talked here about it not being a rematch, or a thorn in our side, or a score to settle, but it’s about embarking on a very difficult journey and earning the chance to play in an international tournament.”

About what happened in Torreón on the way to the dressing room…

“The pictures speak for themselves. Sometimes it’s good to reflect on it because in this case it was recorded, it’s on film, but it’s not the first nor the last time it’s happened, and neither am I the only victim of this.”

The possibility of André Gignac playing on Sunday…

“It’s hard to say if he will be 100% because he hasn’t played for a month and needs to get back into playing at the competitive level, but it’s always important to have a player like André on hand – he represents a lot not only for us, but also for our opponents.

“In the group, he’s a player who can contribute so much when he’s fit. I’m glad he’s nearly better and I say nearly because he still has to play on the pitch. I’m not putting pressure on him, but I think we have to be careful about creating expectations and thinking that because he’s recovered, he’ll be playing on Sunday.”

What is the team most passionate about, winning the Liga or Concacaf?

“As a player, it’s another title, just like the Champions Cup, the Champion of Champions, it’s a title, a trophy and that’s how we view it. It hurt when we lost against América and Pachuca, it was very painful and that’s why we have to remember it, to try again with everything we’ve got.”

About the Local Derby Final…

“Both teams represent something great and very important for the local championship, given the players each institution currently has and because after just over a year, perhaps it will be the repetition of a new final in another championship and this gives prestige to the Concacaf tournament.”