Below Standard

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, August 6th.- Luis Rodríguez, who participated in making history with an assist for André-Pierre Gignac’s 105th goal, was self-critical and acknowledged that he’s below his best level.

                Is the team far from being on top form? This was the question Chaka was asked in the press conference held at La Cueva, in Zuazua.          

“I believe so,” he answered emphatically.

“There is still plenty of room for improvement, there are a lot of things we’re not doing, but the good thing is we’re professionals and know what this is costing us. However, there’s still time to get back on track,” he added.

The defender, Copa Oro champion with the Mexican National Team, mentioned that one of the reasons why they are below standard is that the tournament is only just getting started.

“It’s more to do with time. Most of the teams find it difficult at first, I think that’s what it is,” he explained.

                Nevertheless, the team is fine…

                “(The team is) fine. We had physical training today and since we know we’re facing a difficult game, we’re working hard. We know they’re hoping to achieve a good result, so we need to be on our toes.”

                About Gignac’s 105th goal…

“At that moment, we all felt good about the win and were very happy for him (Gignac). It’s easier said than done, it’s an amazing feat, so we’re very happy for him. 

                “Right now, we’re enjoying the moment. There are fine players in the squad and he’s one of the best, so we’re celebrating his achievement.”

                What did Gignac say to you about your assist?

“He thanked me, but it’s part of the job, someone has to assist and someone has to score.”

                About the game against Necaxa, who have just defeated Veracruz 7-0…

                “We’ll need to keep on our toes in this match. They’re very explosive players, very dynamic, so we’ll have to watch that.”

                In what way can Tigres improve?

“Just improve in the details that we’re struggling with so we can attack up front. They’re only small details.” 

The idea is to improve more and more…

                “Carry on winning points and carry on improving. We’ll do better in each match, correcting the things we’re lacking, improving in this way so the team will perform better.”

                Regarding a future called Tricolor (Mexican National Team)…

                “Every time there’s a call-up, I think I have to be here and stand out here, do things well with the team, otherwise I won’t be taken into consideration. First you have to win a place and then being there is another matter,”

                Any player’s goal…

“Yes, it’s the goal (to be called up). For any football player it’s the highest honor in this profession. It’s our goal. I can’t take my place for granted, that’s up to the manager. He’ll choose whoever is at their best moment and we all need to prepare for that.”