Bittersweet.- Zelarayan

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, July 31.-Not having been able to maintain the advantage in Sunday’s match was bittersweet for the Tigres squad, affirmed Lucas Zelarayán, although he also applauded the point earned on a difficult pitch like Santos’.

When asked about how he felt after a match in which the team was winning and then was unable to show the same footballing skills as in the first fixture, the midfielder assured that they need to work hard to continue to improve.

“Well, it wasn’t the result we were hoping for or the match we expected. We’d envisaged a completely different game, but things didn’t turn out so well. Most importantly, it’s a point earned on a difficult pitch, leaving a bittersweet taste because we could have won. However, I also believe that after the red card, we could have lost. We aren’t happy about it, but it’s bittersweet because it was such a difficult match.”
Do you think the problem or difficulties lie in the lower part of the team?
“We work on every area, and, personally, I don’t feel there’s much difficulty in that part. Something “Tuca” instills into us is not to lose easy balls, to try to be more careful with the ball because the other team could find us in a bad position.
“And these are things we’re going to try to correct, try to take more care of the ball, half the pitch up and marking attacks is something we’ve worked on hard, which, in the first match, turned out well and yesterday not so well. We need to be more consistent in that sense.”
What would you like to say about the criticisms being heard right now?
“The other day at Puebla the match was perfect and we seemed to be the best, we were apparently the team to fear. That’s what was being said. Then yesterday’s match wasn’t so perfect and doubts set in. Some matches everything is fine and others not so much, so when it’s a bad game, you have to try and turn things around quickly and carry on working.”

What about the start of the Copa MX, against Cruz Azul?

“That’s how football is, all the matches are a rematch. Wednesday is a good gauge against a great team that’s playing very well and the Copa has to be taken with the seriousness it deserves, just like every tournament, every match we play, and let’s hope we can perform well, as I just said, correct the errors we’ve made and try to get back on the same track as in the first match, which is what we were looking for in the preseason and what we’ll continue to look for match after match.”