By digging deep, we’ll get ahead.- ‘Tuca’

ZUAZUA | Monday, April 11, 2016.- Ricardo Ferretti doesn’t deny that Tigres is going through a rough patch in their game, making their classification to the playoffs complicated. Nevertheless, he is confident that the team can improve and get back on track, because whether they classify or not depends entirely on them and nobody else.

The felines lost their last match against Pachuca, which sent them down to ninth place in the General Table, one position outside the classification limit, but there are still 12 points left to be earned and the possibility of participating in the highlight of the tournament once more.

“Saying that we are not concerned would mean we have no sense of pride, but we are worried and know that we have to dig deep and improve our game. Everyone feels the same, not just me.

“So, we hope that with this awareness and hard work, we will be able to get back on track, especially in the League. If the season were to end right now, we wouldn’t be in the playoffs, but we still have a big opportunity, which depends totally on us,” explained the Brazilian manager.

‘Tuca’ acknowledges that the team is set up to offer better performances, but football-related circumstances have prevented us from achieving the necessary results.  He clarified that he cannot reproach his players for a lack of spirit in the match against Pachuca, but the other team simply played better than the felines.

Regarding the points needed to classify to the playoffs, the manager stated that he’s not going to start doing the math, because he is focusing on winning the three points in the upcoming game, and reiterated that the fatigue the team is displaying is emotional rather than physical.

“I think that (the fatigue) is more on the emotional side than the physical; very often, physical tiredness, with a proper recovery program consisting of physical, technical, tactical work, is easier than getting players or the whole team over emotional fatigue. Why? Because the situation inside the League isn’t pleasant at all in the position we are in. Everyone hopes and we ourselves hoped to classify and we aren’t. So right now we need to work more on the team’s state of mind, the physical part is easier,” explained the Brazilian.

Finally, he praised this Saturday’s opponent, the Culiacán Dorados, who have picked up in the League led by someone he considers to be a friend, José Guadalupe ‘Profe’ Cruz, so they know it won’t be an easy match and they will have to give their utmost throughout the 90 minutes of play.