Calm, but not overconfident.- Tuca

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, April 8.- Ricardo Ferretti commented today that they are calm about the second leg of the Semifinal, after their recent triumph in the Liga, but will not allow their 3-0 advantage in the CONCACAF Champions League to make them overconfident.

In his Monday press conference, the manager said that they will be going out onto the pitch on Wednesday thinking that the score so far is nil-nil.

“Rest assured that we won’t be feeling overconfident about anything or anyone, but will be thinking that the score so far is nil-nil and looking for a good result; that’s the mentality we all have right now, viewing Santos with the utmost respect, all of which will help us to avoid many things.”

With a negative track record…

“They are situations (of not winning in Torreón since 2011) in which we haven’t performed well and it’s been difficult for us on that field, as it has for them as well. You’re right that we have struggled there, but football gives you the opportunity to do better and achieve the result you need to give you the right to be in the Final.”

Harmony in the team…

“Having a good group, without worrying about any details that will upset the harmony, is important. While harmony reigns in the locker room, I think it’s gradually reflected on the pitch, the solidarity, the team spirit, which is the outcome of the group’s humanity.

“The footballers I have are first and foremost men, amazing human beings, which reassures me. I can’t say that we don’t have our differences, egoisms, but nobody puts themselves above the group and that is very reassuring.”

Internal competition…

“Our mindset here is that each and every one of us is important, nobody is indispensable. Everyone has to work hard and fight for a position on the team during the training sessions. I respect hierarchies, but we’re all necessary and working hard, which is fundamental to being needed and giving the best to the team. When we’re successful, everyone is included and it’s the same when we’re not. Everyone is committed to giving their all to the team.”

How can you help the team understand that when André is ready he’ll be back in his place?

“It’s not André, it’s everyone. Everyone has their place, because of what they’ve done. The facts are there and no one can deny them and be it André, Enner, Aquino, Damm, everyone knows how important they are, but they are humbly aware too. They don’t think they are better than anyone else and they know what is expected of them, and of the team, in the training sessions or in the matches. We’re aware of their capacity. When André is ready, there will have another problem. I can only send eleven on, not twelve. It will always be unfair for a player. If I am unfair, well, my aim isn’t to be unfair with the team and I always try to make them see that that’s how things are and they should do their best to prove me wrong, that’s what I want.”

Will Gignac be playing on Wednesday?

“Not on Wednesday, but perhaps Sunday.”

Is the team thinking about a local Derby Final?

“Dreaming is one thing, something you think about, hopefully imagining things, but that will come later. First Santos, we haven’t done well there, we need a good result and, of course, on Wednesday after the match, we’ll see if the dream will come true.

“Whenever you start out in a tournament, you dream of the championship, but there are many objectives to be reached before you can get there. We still have more to do and need to perform well in order to participate in another Final, keeping our feet firmly on the ground, respectfully and humbly.”

The idea is not to be overconfident…

“I’ve spoken to them, we’ve talked, watched videos, with that integration we have. This doesn’t mean it’s enough, but I’m confident in a team that is somewhat hurt because we didn’t do well at all in 2018 and we’re hoping to improve a lot in the things we neglected to do. We have the opportunity and we’re going to take it to show ourselves we can do it and meet every expectation.”