Champions through and through: 5-4!

GUADALUPE, October 22.-In an intense match, Tigres Women proved that they are champions through and through, winning the Derby 5-4 and, at the same time, remaining unbeaten in Apertura 2018 and continuing in the top spot of the tournament.
Katty Martínez, with three goals, and Belén Cruz , with two, guided a courageous Tigres to win three points in the Monterrey Stadium, reaching a total of 31 in Group Two.



The match started cautiously, but only for the first five minutes, since, at 6’, our girls opened the scoring when Carolina Jaramillo sent a long pass into the goal area, where Belén Cruz chests the ball, controls and shoots to make it 1-0.
Gaining the lead should have enabled Tigres Women to manage the game better, but little by little the opponent realized they could cause harm along the right flank.
At 12’, Diana Evangelista appeared, in a play that should have been repeated, taking a free kick with a self-pass, breaking away down the right and crossing to Desirée Monsiváis who equalized.
The 1-1 score didn’t last long, and neither did our players’ resistance on the left flank, since Evangelista appeared again on that side to break through and on the line sent a cross that goalkeeper Alejandra Gutiérrez slapped away, only to find Monsiváis, who brought the score to 2-1.
Ramón Villa Zevallos’ players were forced to make more of an effort it they wanted to achieve more in the Derby, but they were beginning to suffer in their overlapping and had to resort to long passes in order to advance.
Afterwards, at 23’, the opponent completed their hat-trick when the defense were certain that Alicia Cervantes was offside, lost focus and Desirée took advantage to come up from the back, steal the ball and dodge past the goalkeeper to make it 3-1.
Given our side’s bewilderment, Jaramillo tried to make them react at 28’, but her attempt inside the box went wide to the right.
Towards the end of the first half, Belén Cruz pressed forward again and with a powerful shot in the box, assisted by Lizbeth Ovalle, defeated the goalkeeper, making it 3-2 and putting Tigres Women back in the fight for the Derby.


Tigres Women came out in the second half with the idea of attacking, closing every space on the pitch and recovering the ball as quickly as possible. In fact, at 48’ they had an opportunity with a direct free kick, but Liliana Mercado’s shot went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.
However, at minute 53, Carolina Jaramillo appeared down the center, passed to the right to Katty Martínez, who, on entering the box, scored with a cross, equalizing with three goals each.
With the score at 3-3, our side gained confidence and, at 56’, Jaramillo’s free kick missed to the left.
Then, at 62’, Liliana Mercado broke away down the center and was fouled, giving Tigres a chance with a direct free kick, but the opportunity came to nothing as Mercado’s shot went wide to the left.
Rayadas, who were having a hard time overlapping, were awarded a penalty at minute 74, which was converted by Desirée, who scored her fourth of the evening and put the home side ahead 4-3.
The manager than decided to make two substitutions, replacing Nayeli Rangel and Belén Cruz with Cristina Ferral and Alison González, in order to strengthen the midfield and consolidate overlapping.
But time was beginning to become their worst enemy, since, despite many opportunities, the opponent’s defense were better positioned in their own area.
Then, at minute 88, Alison broke through on the left, her shot was deflected by the goalkeeper and found Katty Martínez, who made it 4-4 and sent the Incomparable Ones who had come to watch the match in the Rayados Stadium into a frenzy.
A minute later, Tigres’ supporters and players alike went completely wild when Ovalle escaped from her mark, passed to Katty Martínez, who came up through the middle and put the ball into the back of the net, bringing the final score to 5-4.


RAYADAS: Claudia Lozoya; Alexia Frías, Rebeca Bernal, Mariana Cadena, Gabriela Álvarez, Selena Castillo, Valeria Valdez, Daniela Solís, Diana Evangelista (Aylin Avilez 89’), Alicia Cervantes (Hilary García 65’) and Desirée Monsiváis (Norali Armenta 81’)

TIGRES WOMEN: Alejandra Gutiérrez; Greta Espinoza, Nancy Antonio, Liliana Mercado, Carolina Jaramillo, Katty Martínez, Nayeli Rangel (Cristina Ferral 85’), Karen Luna, Lizbeth Ovalle, Belén Cruz (Alison González 85’) and Selene Cortés (Paulina Solís 93’).


0-1 (6’) Long pass into the box, where Belén Cruz chests the ball and defeats the goalkeeper.
(12’) Diana Evangelista breaks away down the right, sends a cross that Desirée Monsiváis puts into the back of the net.
2-1 (15’) Diana Evangelista crosses from the right on the line, the goalkeeper deflects weakly and Desirée Monsiváis finishes.
3-1 (23’) Desirée Monsiváis takes advantage of the defense’s distraction, steals the ball and dodges past the goalkeeper to score.
3-2 (42’) Lizbeth Ovalle short pass to Belén Cruz, who scores with a powerful shot.
3-3 (53’) Carolina Jaramillo through ball on the right, Katty Martínez controls and on entering the box crosses and scores.
4-3 (75’) Penalty converted by Desirée Monsiváis.
4-4 (88’) Alison González breaks away down the left, shot blocked by the goalkeeper, rebounding to Katty Martínez who pushes the ball in.
4-5 (89’) Lizbeth Ovalle breaks away down the right, defeats two, passes to Katty Martínez, who crosses and scores.


RAYADAS: Desirée Monsiváis (59’)
TIGRES WOMEN: Lizbeth Ovalle (93’)



REFEREE: Karen Hernández Andrade
ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Mayra Alejandra Mora
ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Brianda Gpe. Hernández
FOURTH OFFICIAL: Lizzet García Olvera