Colossal Start for Tigres Women: 7-1!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 7th.- Tigres Women achieved an extraordinary start to the Clausura 2019 Tournament this evening, defeating Querétaro 7-1, with Lizbeth Ovalle contributing a brace.



The start to the match met expectations, with our players putting the pressure on the visitors’ net, while Querétaro did their best to sit deep with a double line of five in their own area.

At 5’, Lizbeth Ovalle came close with a cutback, but was blocked in a second play. Then, at 7’, the defense intercepted Nayeli Rangel’s shot, conceding a corner.

Querétaro gave the over 5 thousand Incomparable Ones (the fans) present in the Universitario Stadium a fright, when Sofía Álvarez intercepted a ball and penetrated the box alone, but her shot, thankfully for our side, missed to the left.

A minute later, Carolina Jaramillo’s mid-range shot went over the crossbar.

Then, at minute 23, Jacqueline Ovalle took advantage of a defensive clearance outside the box, crossed and put the ball inside the right post, opening the scoring to 1-0, to the delight of the spectators in the stands.

A few minutes afterwards, at 29’, a corner taken by Liliana Mercado reached the far post where Nayeli Rangel headed the ball in, making it 2-0, auguring a good evening for Tigres Women.

On top of this, a minute later, Nayeli Rangel won a ball at the back, crossed to Katty Martínez, who put the ball into the empty net, bringing the score to 3-0 and orchestrating a landslide.



The pace was very similar in the second half, with our players clearly dominating the ball and the match, attacking the visitors’ goal from both flanks.

At minute 54, they made it quite clear that they wanted more, when, following a corner, Jazmin Enrigue slid in to score the fourth and begin to put the finishing touch to the first landslide of the Clausura 2019.

Tigres Women continued to attack, seeking the fifth, which Belén Cruz came close to realizing at minute 60, but her shot, face-to-face with the goalkeeper, missed to the right.

Querétaro gave glimpses of danger, gradually beginning to overlap, until they were able to counterattack at 71’, when Sandy Cruzado received the ball at her feet, broke in through the center and crossed as the goalkeeper came off her line to shorten the distance.

However, two minutes later, our side brought order back for the Tigres Women cause, when, in a direct free kick, Liliana Mercado delivered a superb, powerful goal, making it 5-1 and triggering jubilation in the stadium.

Tigres Women continued to attack and, at the 77th minute, achieved the sixth, when, assisted by Evelyn González, Lizbeth Ovalle came face-to-face with the goal and her powerful shot brought the score to 6-1.

Towards the end, a foul on Katty Martínez earned Tigres a penalty, which was converted at 90’ by Vanessa González, bringing the final score to 7-1.



TIGRES WOMEN: 1 Alejandra Gutiérrez; 3 Jazmin Enrigue, 4 Greta Espinoza (30 Mariana Elizondo 46’), 7 Liliana Mercado, 8 Carolina Jaramillo (9 Evelyn González 65’), 10 Katty Martínez, 11 Nayeli Rangel, 14 Lizbeth Ovalle, 18 Belén Cruz (24 Vanessa González 72’), 22 Selene Cortés and 31 Natalia Miramontes.


QUERÉTARO: 1 Paulina Romero; 3 Tamara Romero, 6 Karen Espinoza (28 Paola Urbieta 80’), 11 Daniela Vázquez, 12 Melissa Arredondo (10 Elisa Espino 72’), 16 Lorena Rangel, 18 Alejandra Tapia, 21 Daniela Auza (5 Rebeca Villuendas 62’), 22 Sofía Álvarez, 24 Sandy Cruzado and 30 Karen Hernández.




1-0 (23’) Mid-range shot by Lizbeth Ovalle inside the right-hand post.

2-0 (29’) Corner from the left to the far post where Nayeli Rangel headed the ball in.

3-0 (30’) Nayeli Rangel won a ball at the back and crossed to Katty Martínez, who shoots into an empty goal.

4-0 (54’) Jazmin Enrigue scores inside the box, following a corner.

4-1 (71’) Sandy Cruzado comes up from the center and scores as the goalkeeper comes off her line.

5-1 (73’) Liliana Mercado, in a direct free kick, puts a powerful shot into the back of the net.

6-1 (77’) Lizbeth Ovalle scores with a powerful shot from inside the box.

7-1 (90’) Vanessa González scores with a penalty to the right of the goalkeeper.



TIGRES WOMEN:  Jazmin Enrigue (81’)






REFEREE: Ana Cristina Alfaro

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Yudila Carolina Briones

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 2: Betsua Atalia Cortez

FOURTH OFFICIAL: Julián Alejandro Duarte