Ferretti explains the key to their successful tournament

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, March 18th.- The key to enjoying a tournament with 26 points in 11 matches is not the result of just one factor, but ranges from a sense of sporting honor to more games with no goals conceded, affirmed manager Ricardo Ferretti.

When asked specifically what the key is, the head coach answered, “Well many things, we could start with a sense of sporting honor because we were eliminated last season and didn’t achieve anything, being humbler, working harder, more consciousness, more concentration.

“More position, more games without conceding so many goals, it’s an array of factors that you can mention about being where we are. I think it’s everyone’s objective, it’s not that easy, but so far this tournament things are going in the right direction.

“There’s still a long way to go, we’re in a good situation in both tournaments, one practically reflected in the number of points, although it doesn’t satisfy us or anything, we have to keep on looking for more points to finish as well as possible, and the other looking to qualify and the objective we’ve yet to achieve.”

Will the FIFA calendar break have an impact?

“I don’t think so. There’s no point in thinking negatively, the calendar was planned beforehand and you have to make the most of it. We have a few injured players and this is their opportunity to recover, the mindset has to be the same as it has been so far.”

The team has proven that it doesn’t depend on Gignac…

“It’s not about whether André is as important as everyone else. We’re happy that regardless of whether a player is absent, the team maintains its level. I’d like the team to be complete, without any injuries or suspensions and, of course, we have our basic work, all the players know the simple things they have to do and that gives us peace of mind. Any player who goes on knows what is expected of him and is prepared to give his all for the good of the team.”

Is there anyone  in Tigres who should be in the National Team, in your opinion?

“The ones who are supposed to be there are there, in accordance with the requirements of the National Team’s manager. Our support for him is unconditional and if he thinks there should be one, two or none, than we respect his decision.”

What tips would you give Martino for the start of this stage?

“That’s not up to me. I don’t have to tell him what to do. He has more than enough experience, he was the Argentina manager, he knows more than I do, what the obstacles are, what he should do and, whatever he does, we’re behind him.”

The team is working to fight for the title…

“That’s what we’re working for, the Playoffs, fighting for the title. That’s always been a distinguishing feature of our team. I don’t look at statistics, but I do believe that we have such and such a number of years qualifying, but it’s something I have always imagined. Last tournament, we ended up in fifth place and now we’re fighting for the top spots, so we need to carry on with this mentality.”

Respect for hierarchies…

“I’ve always respected hierarchies, because they’ve got where they are over the years with their performance. I’ve always respected them and still do. But, if a player isn’t on top form, then there’s another one who can take his place.”

Growing internal competition…

“Excellent. It’s all healthy competition. As we’ve already discussed, I have two good players for each position. I have to choose eleven, but all of them are ready to play. I am fully confident that whoever I send on won’t detract from the team in any way.”