Finishing the week with 15 points in the League would be ideal.- Nahuel

ZUAZUA | Thursday, August 25, 2016.- Finishing the week with 15 points on the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura) General Table would be ideal for fulfilling Tigres’ objectives, assured the goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán, who also knows that it would allow the fans to face the second half of the tournament with anticipation and the squad with the possibility of ending in the top spots.

“It would mean ending among the first four places, being very close to the top spot, and the way we’ve been playing, we mustn’t change anything. We’ve had a good championship so far, being patient, understanding that when we can’t attain a victory, conceding zero goals is also important.

“I hope we can achieve the 15 points to start this sort of recess (owing to the FIFA fixtures) in a good position on the Table, but first we have to complete the match against Veracruz, which I don’t think will be an easy one (…). It would also be important for us for people to take stock with positive anticipation and to face the second half of the championship thinking about the first places,” the Argentine said.

No opponent is small for Nahuel.

“Thinking that there are easy opponents is not the right way to go (given Veracruz’s current position). In fact, very often it’s the teams who are in the worst position who end up making life difficult for us, because they need the points, because maybe they are driven by the opponent they’re facing, which could be us or any of the other teams in the higher places.

“We have to focus on continuing to play in the same way, especially regarding our personality and presence on the pitch. I think being the protagonists and particularly playing at home is fundamental, crucial, trying to possess the ball so we are in control of the match.”

They mustn’t let people’s enthusiasm lose their focus

“We have to be patient and, above all, not get carried away by everyone’s enthusiasm. Wanting to turn a result around or wanting to win can be confusing, so I think that on the pitch we have to show our personality our authority for making the best decisions.”

It could be an open match against Veracruz at times.

“When a team plays defensively, which is what I think Veracruz will be doing at times, they have players with a good foot (sic), they outplay at the ends, if (Julio) Furch plays, they’ll have a center forward who controls and maintains the ball well and who wins upfront and fights, attacks, and this is why I think that the match will be open at times midfield and from there forwards we will need depth. (…) (Tigres) is a team that is prepared to face this type of matches (with a closed rival), though I don’t think that will last for the full 90 minutes. I think that there’ll be moments when Veracruz can offer good football and some depth.”

Right now, the aim is to qualify.

“The primordial objective is to qualify in the best possible spot and, of course, the higher, the better. If we maintain this level and improve a few things, continuing with what has worked so far, I think we can finish in a good position and, obviously, this would be to our advantage in the playoffs. The principal objective is to qualify and as the tournament progresses we’ll set even more challenging goals, within our possibilities.”