For Guido Pizarro, Tigres could be the team with the most variety

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, September 6, 2016.- The arrival of Andy Delort at Tigres doesn’t necessarily make them the most powerful squad in Mexican football, because that’s something that has to be proved on the pitch with positive results, was Guido Pizarro’s answer today to the media’s question.

The Argentine midfielder explained that with the incorporation of the French striker, Tigres has perhaps become the team with the most variety.

“Variety, maybe. Regarding being the most powerful (team), we’ll have to prove that with results.  Over the past few years, we’ve been doing well and I hope we will continue to do so; what you see (or mention) will affect us somewhat in the results we achieve.”

They haven’t reached their highest level.

“I don’t think we’ve reached our best level. We tied the last match, which wasn’t the result we wanted, but the team got off to a fine start, played some good football at times, not so good at others, but the team is working well, is very committed, so let’s hope we improve between now and the end of the tournament in order to, God willing, classify to the Playoffs and give our all.”

The two teams with the best defense will be going head to head: Tigres and Morelia.

“It’s going to be a tough match, regardless of the statistics, it’s a team that knows how to play, that’s competing with us for the top spots. So, it will be a difficult rival. I hope we play well. We’ve been working hard, so let’s hope it’s a good match and we come home with three more points.”

The team supports Andy Delort’s adaptation.

“He’s doing well, he’s raring to go. He comes from a highly competitive football and will be good for the group. I hope we can make him feel at home. I’ve noticed he has a bit of trouble with the language, but he’s very open, trying hard to understand Spanish, which is good for his adaptation. I do hope we are making him feel at home and that he’ll gradually be able to show what he’s got.”

Guido is proud of the fans’ journey to Morelia.

“Talk of a fan invasion makes us very happy and proud. Tigres’ people give all their support and we’ll try to give them a jubilant weekend in return, trying to do things properly, and I hope we can give the gift of a victory to all of the people who go to Morelia as well as all to those who will be staying here.”

Remaining unbeaten doesn’t put them under pressure.

“When we go out onto the pitch, each of us is focusing on what we have to do and, undoubtedly, if each player performs well in his specific position, the result will be favorable, then we know that it’s a statistic because the three points and seeking to qualify as soon as possible are our priority.”