For the ninth year running, Tigres has received the Socially Responsible Company Distinction

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy awarded this distinction to the Club, the first team in Mexico to obtain SRC certification, as of 2008.

MEXICO CITY | MAY 4, 2016.- For the ninth consecutive year, within the framework of the IX Latin American Conference for Socially Responsible Companies, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy  honored  Club Tigres as a Socially Responsible Company.

As a result of an ongoing commitment to incorporating into its daily activities respect for others, ethical values, quality of life, the community and the environment, in 2008 Tigres became the first Mexican football club to obtain the SRC award.

This award has been renewed on a yearly basis by complying with the established standards in the strategic areas of corporate social responsibility.

Over the past few years, the activities implemented by the Club to benefit the community have achieved an enormous impact, with programs such as “Tigres for Kids”, “Let’s team up for our city”, “Tigre World”, the Tigres Academies across Mexico, and in the United States and Chile, and a series of alliances to support over a hundred civic and social causes.

At the end of 2012, Tigres became the first Mexican football institution to obtain the Neutral Carbon distinction, which certifies it as the only team to date that measures, reduces and neutralizes the carbon dioxide emissions produced by its activities. In 2014, Tigres presented the Tigres for a Better Future Foundation, which supports university education and the quality of life of the community through the UANL Foundation, with the support of its principal strategic allies and the fans.