Forced to win.- Damm

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA, January 24th.- Jürgen Damm didn’t beat about the bush, clearly affirming that the team is forced to win both at home and away, which is why a victory against Toluca this Sunday is vital.

“Aiming for the three points (against Toluca) is of utmost importance; this team is forced to win both at home and away. We know it won’t be easy, with the match at a difficult time, the heat, the field, new players, it won’t be easy. Our mission is to play a great match and achieve a positive result,” stated the Tigres winger.

Could the altitude be a negative factor?

“It could be a factor, but we’re physically fit, we’ve worked very well on strengthening exercises every day, son that can’t be an excuse,” he indicated.

The arrival of Carlos Salcedo…

“He’s a Mexico National Team player, he’s here as a voice of authority, a highly experienced player. Nobody is signed up as a starter here, we know he’s more than willing and has come to contribute his experience, which is fantastic for us. We’ll be making him feel at home and he already knows the majority of the team. All the other new players are extraordinary people, we’re a family.”

Did the defense need a voice of authority?

“There are highly experienced players, such as Guido, a hierarchy. It’s always positive and important for players like Salcedo to join the club. Every tournament has its unknowns; it’s always vital to have players of his stature.”

Fierce competition…

“That’s important so that the starter doesn’t rest on his laurels. The training sessions are extremely intense. If anyone slips up, there’s another teammate to take his place, but always as a family.”

About other teams having André Gignac’s number…

“The teams have great squads. Prioritizing or focusing on one player is beside the point, everyone does their bit. We might have failed to finish some plays, but we want to do things as well as possible.”

Possible visit by Martino, the National Team manager…

“He was going to come to the camps, that’s what I heard, to get to know  and talk to him. I participated in the last process. It will be important to know what he thinks and for us to prove on the pitch that we want to be there, to stand out.”