Frenchman’s Evening and Triumph for Tigres: 3-1!

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA,  August 10th.- In an evening made for French player André-Pierre Gignac, who scored a hat-trick, UANL Tigres de la UANL defeated Necaxa Rayos 3-1, reaching nine points and remaining unbeaten at home.

                Gignac, who, before the match, was honored by the club and celebrated by the fans for reaching a record-breaking 105 goals last week, owned the game and in the space of just 22 minutes scored three goals to put the team on track for their third triumph in the Apertura 2019 tournament.


                FIRST HALF

                The match got to a fierce start for our Tigres, since with just four minutes on the clock Luis Quiñones recovered a ball cleared by the defense on the left, crossed to the near post where André-Pierre Gignac headed the ball in.

                Madness reigned in the stands, as though continuing the Frenchman’s pre-match celebration, this time for his 106th goal wearing our team’s shirt.

                Then, at 11’, an attempt by Gignac was off target, missing to the left, a play replicated later on by Enner Valencia, when the Ecuadorian came close.

                But, the evening continued to be Gignac’s, with a goal at 17’, making it 2-0, in an individual play inside the box where he created space to fire off a powerful shot that Hugo González had no chance of stopping to score his 107th goal.

                Five minute later, the French striker drove the stadium into a frenzy yet again, when he received in the box, the ball hit the left post and ended up in the back of the net. The 3-0 lead took the pressure off our side for the evening.

                However, as their confidence grew, our team’s pace lessened, particularly in overlapping runs.

                At minute 26, Guido Pizarro appeared in the box to save Nahuel Guzmán’s goal, when the Rayos were just about to defeat Patón.

                This showed that the opponent was beginning to gain confidence and play better and made their point at minute 42, when Ventura Alvarado brought the score to 3-1 with a header from inside the goal area, putting his side back into the game.



                In the second half, with nothing much to lose, the opponent put the pressure on in their attack and defense. Nevertheless, at 48’, Valencia’s header skimmed over Hugo González’s crossbar.

                Barely a minute later, Luis Quiñones passed to Gignac, but the Frenchman’s header  skewed to the right, putting an end to this opportunity.

                Later, to offset the opponent’s pressure, Tuca made his first substitution, taking off Vargas, who had had a quiet night, and replacing him with Jesús Dueñas, reinforcing the midfield, where Tigres was beginning to lose the ball.

                At 69’, Valencia and Gignac partnered to create a play inside the box, but were unable to finish.

                Forty-nine seconds later, Luis Quiñones was in a position to score from his left-hand side, but a defender only just managed to intervene.

                From then on, the match was played from end to end, with the opponent taking the initiative, since they needed another goal in order to have a chance. Tigres tried to attack with short passes, but was struggling.

                As a result, Jürgen Damm came onto the pitch, at 88’, substituting Quiñones, in order to speed up any long passes.

                In stoppage time, Brian Mercado came in from the left and Nahuel just managed to intercept his cross, so the ghost of the second goal disappeared.


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (29 Jesús Dueñas 57’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones (25 Jürgen Damm 88’), 27 Jair Díaz and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI

                NECAXA: 1 Hugo González; 5 Fernando Meza (11 Kevin Mercado 64’), 7 Daniel Álvarez (4 Alexis Peña 30’), 9 Mauro Quiroga (17 Juan Delgado 57’), 10 Maximiliano Salas, 16 Jairo González, 20 Ángulo Jesús, 22 Ricardo Chávez, 23 Claudio Baeza, 31 Ventura Alvarado and 188 José Plascencia.

                MGR.: GUILLERMO VÁZQUEZ



  1. (4’) Luis Quiñones crosses from the left, where André-Pierre Gignac heads the ball in.

2-0 (17’) André-Pierre Gignac creates space on the edge of the box and fires off a powerful shot.

3-0 (22’) André-Pierre Gignac receives in the box, the ball hits the left post and goes into the net.

3-1 (42’) Ventura Alvarado sores with a header in the box.



TIGRES: Luis Quiñones (59’).

             NECAXA: Claudio Baeza (26’), Alexis Peña (76’) and Maximiliano Salas (89’)


                RED CARDS



                Referee: Oscar Mejía

                Assistant referee No. 1: Alberto Morín

                Assistant referee No. 2: Karen Díaz

                Fourth official: Mario Vargas