Gignac rescues a 2-2 draw for Tigres 

LEÓN, GUANAJUATO.- Saturday, January 5th, 2019.- In the very last minute, French player André-Pierre Gignac rescued a 2-2 draw for the UANL Tigres against León, at the start of the Liga MX Clausura 2019 tournament.

Javier Aquino opened the scoring very early on, Walter González equalized and, in the second half, at 90’, Yairo Moreno scored a goal that had to be reviewed by VAR. Just when it seemed as though all was lost, Gignac converted a penalty at 94’, after receiving a foul.


The Liga did not start as expected for our side, who had possession, but was found it difficult to advance towards the opponent’s net.

Nevertheless, at minute five, they put themselves ahead in the scoring, when Javier Aquino made his way through on the left and scored with a long-range shot that left goalkeeper Cota helpless.

The jubilation of the Incomparable Ones (the fans) was short-lived, since, at minute 11, in a series of rebounds inside Nahuel Guzmán’s area, Walter González advanced to score the equalizer, marking the start of an unsettling night for our players.

This was particularly true at minute 23, when an injured Aquino had to leave the pitch, to be replaced by Jürgen Damm, who got off to a somewhat hesitant start, but gradually settled into the left flank to generate opportunities.

At minute 40, Damm broke away along the left, crossed to the far post where Chaka Rodríguez passed to Jesús Dueñas, whose shot was only just saved by León’s goalkeeper.


After the break, Tigres came out with greater determination, at least in the first few minutes, during which, at 48’, Chaka Rodríguez came in from the right, crossed, but nobody was there to finish. Damm tried to reach the ball, but the opportunity fizzled out.

Then, at 49’, Rafael de Souza controlled on the outskirts of the box, only to have his shot blocked by the netkeeper.

At 62’, Tuca made his second substitution, replacing Luis Quiñones with Julián Quiñones, enabling the team to attack more along the right flans, although the opponent persisted with long passes.

A header by Quiñones inside the box missed to the left, at 71’, then, at 76’, the Colombian crossed on the line, but a defender cleared the ball, conceding a corner.

León came close at minute 79, with a header from inside the box by Miguel Herrera, that went wide of Nahuel’s left post. The match could still go either way at Nou Camp.

Damm had the clearest opportunity of the match, when Gignac passed the ball to Jürgen, who defeated his marker and then the goalkeeper, but his shot went wide to the left.

León scored towards the end of the game, although their goal had to be reviewed by VAR, but Yairo Moreno’s header from inside the box stood as a goal.

Just when it seemed we would go home with a defeat, the referee awarded Gignac a penalty at 92’, which was converted by the French footballer at 94’ to wrap up the 2-2 draw.



LEÓN: 30 Rodolfo Cota; 4 Andrés Mosquera, 5 Fernando Navarro, 6 William Tesillo, 9 Walter González (19 José Price 65’), 10 Luis Montes, 11 Yairo Moreno, 12 Iván Rodríguez, 14 Rubens Sambueza, 18 Pedro Aquino (22 Miguel Herrera 74’) and 24 Osvaldo Rodríguez (13 Ángel Mena 44’).


TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 19 Guido Pizarro, 20 Javier Aquino (25 Jürgen Damm 23’), 21 Francisco Meza, 23 Jair Díaz, 26 Luis Quiñones (33 Julián Quiñones 62’), 28 Luis Rodríguez and 29 Jesús Dueñas.




0-1   (5’) Javier Aquino scores with a long-range shot.

1-1 (11’) Walter González scores from the right inside the box.

2-1 (90’) Yairo Moreno header from inside the box.

2-2 (94’) Penalty converted by André-Pierre Gignac from the left.



LEÓN: Walter González (38’), Rubens Sambueza (86’) and Andrés Mosquera (94’)

TIGRES: Guido Pizarro (57’) and Jürgen Damm (86’)





REFEREE: Fernando Hernández

ASSISTANT REFEREE No. 1: Alejandro Ayala


FOURTH OFFICIAL: Jonathan Hernández