Gignac, surprised with Tigres and Mexican football

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Tuesday, May 3, 2016.- André-Pierre Gignac’s effectiveness in Mexican football is not just a matter of chance. The Frenchman is thrilled with the atmosphere he has encountered since his arrival in the city; the passion existing in the stands at the Universitario Stadium has won his heart; and, as a key point, he feels that his individual technique has improved in Mexico.

In an interview by the French bi-weekly magazine France Football, Tigres’ striker described what he likes best about the team and the football where he is currently playing, and also touched on topics related to the French national team.

“Each match is a fiesta with mariachis, fireworks, the constant support of the fans, even when we lose. Here, the ‘Volcán’ (Universitario Stadium) is always filled to capacity. 90% of the people come to the stadium wearing the club’s yellow shirt, men, women, children.  From Monterrey airport to my home, when I signed, there were about a thousand fans,” the forward explained.

Gignac says that in Mexico he found a style of play based on ball possession, similar to that of Spain, and faster marking that has allowed him to improve his individual technique.

“The level of play (in Mexico) is high and requires commitment. I am playing South-American style, but not aggressively as they do in Argentine football. Mexican football is based on possession, like in Spain, with a lot of ‘small’ players, which makes them very fast when facing an opponent.

“On the other hand, I also compete against 1.85-meter defenders, leaving little room for maneuvering. So there has to be contact. I’ve managed to improve in small spaces, to be more accurate in my control and my routines. In the last few games with the French national team, I hardly lost any balls and have become more skillful in my game,” André declared.

Gignac has scored 30 goals wearing the Tigres shirt and is currently contending for the top scorer title in Mexican football, with eleven goals keeping him in first place.

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