Gignac to Sign Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac will be signing his contract extension with Tigres, reported Miguel Ángel Garza President of the Club.

The French forward arrived in Mexico in 2015, just when the felines were about to take on Porto Alegre Sport Club Internacional in the Copa Libertadores, and since then he has scored a total of 94 goals with the institution.

Negotiations with Gignac were practically concluded several days ago and all that is required now is his signature.

“We’ve set tomorrow as the date to complete (the contract). The details have been agreed and all that’s needed is the signature, which, after talks with André, will happen tomorrow,” Garza explained.

Jarlan Barrera is a good prospect for the future.

“He’s a player we’ve been watching for some time now and we’re in the process of closing. He’s one of Club Tigres’ prospects to join the institution in the future.”

90% of the squad will be kept on.

“We haven’t sat down yet to plan the structure. We think 90% of the team will be kept on, regardless of this weekend’s result. We think we have a competitive team and we need to maintain stability in the institution.”

They would like Juninho to stay at the institution.

“We have a meeting scheduled with him once the tournament is over to know what his expectations are and we’ve already said that we will try to keep him at the institution one way or another, because I consider him to be highly valuable on and off the pitch.”

Happy with the fans who went to the Uni Stadium.

“The idea of opening the stadium is to enable our fans to come into closer contact with their players and it was great that it happened on a holiday. I think that the players were happy, the fans were happy and we hope we’ll be happy on Saturday.”

The team looks strong.

“(The team’s strength) isn’t new. Ever since we formed the team and since we brought in players such as Guido Pizarro, Julián Quiñones, Eduardo Tercero and Beto da Silva, the objective was to reinforce a team that we already considered to be strong.”