Goal Number 105 for Gignac and Victory

MEXICO CITY, August 4th.- The happiness was multiple, the changing room was filled with the same level of joy as when they won the title on that very pitch four years ago: André-Pierre Gignac reached historic status by scoring his 105th goal and leading Tigres to a 1-0 victory over Pumas.

             It wasn’t the best of afternoons for the French striker, but at minute 89, he leapt inside the box, seeking a cross from Luis Rodríguez on the right, to score with a header.

Gignac surpassed another historic figure, Tomás Boy, to reach 105 goals with Tigres de México, as we are called in Marseilles.


                FIRST TIME

                The first 45 minutes didn’t go particularly well for our team, who were having a hard time settling in on the Olímpico Universitario pitch, where, as a matter of fact, Tigres have won two of their seven titles.

                Nevertheless, at the fifth minute, Enner Valencia managed to break away along the right, but the defense intervened, withstanding the attack.

                The opponent gradually began to put the pressure on Nahuel Guzmán, who, at 15’, endangered his goal when he mistakenly came off his line, but was ultimately supported by his defense to dissipate the risk generated.

                Afterwards, at 18’, Carlos González hit the woodwork, bringing the fans to their feet and then, at 22’, González came close yet again with a header that missed to the left.

                Eduardo Vargas made Tigres react with a mid-distance shot over the bar.

                At that point, the opponent began to slow their pace, allowing our side to get better organized and even attack, resulting in Luis Rodríguez, at 42’, sending a through ball to Luis Quiñones, but the Colombian arrived too late and was intercepted.



In the second half, Tigres’ performance began to improve, with control and overlaps, to the extent that, at 47’, a header by Chilean player Vargas inside the box hit the left post.

Later, Luis Quiñones cut back inside the box, but lost the ball and the opportunity.

At minute 50, Valencia crossed into the box, looking for Gignac, but the goalkeeper intercepted the ball.

Even though the opponent seemed to be running out of steam, they managed to come close at minute 65, when Cabrera’s shot went over Nahuel Guzmán’s crossbar.

Minutes later, things began to look up for Tigres, when Jaison Angulo received a second yellow card, leaving his team one man down and enabling our side to capitalize on the situation to increase their possession. 

                Ricardo Ferretti, on seeing the numerical advantage, took Jair Díaz off and replaced him with Jürgen Damm, placing Guido Pizarro in the center and Torres Nilo on the side, strengthening the flanks.

                Nevertheless, Nahuel was forced into action at minute 78, blocking a powerful, dangerous-looking shot from inside the goal area.

                Enner Valencia tried to respond with a header in the box looking for the right post, but the ball went wide just outside the net.

                Tigres’ control of the match was reflected in the score at the 89th minute, when Luis Rodríguez received from the right, crossing into the box, where Gignac headed the ball into the corner of the net for the winning goal (1-0).



                UNAM: 1 Alfredo Saldívar; 4 Luis Quintana, 7 David Cabrera (6 Kevin Escamilla 76’), 8 Pablo Barrera (11 Juan Iturbe 67’), 10 Andrés Iniestra, 12 Víctor Malcorra, 18 Nicolás Freire, 20 Idekel Domínguez, 22 Juan Vigón, 23 Jaison Angulo and 32 Carlos González.

                MGR.: JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ

TIGRES: 1 Nahuel Guzmán; 4 Hugo Ayala, 5 Rafael de Souza, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 9 Eduardo Vargas (8 Lucas Zelarayán 85’), 10 André-Pierre Gignac, 13 Enner Valencia, 19 Guido Pizarro, 23 Luis Quiñones, 27 Jair Díaz (25 Jürgen Damm 74’) and 28 Luis Rodríguez.

                MGR.: RICARDO FERRETTI



1-0   (89’) Luis Rodríguez crosses from the right and André-Pierre Gignac heads the ball in.



UNAM: Nicolás Freire (31’), Jeison Angulo (45’) and Juan Vigón (90’)

TIGRES:  Eduardo Vargas (38’), Guido Pizarro (55’) and Jair Díaz (66’)


                RED CARDS

                UNAM: Jeison Angulo (71’)

                TIGRES: None