Guido acknowledges Tigres’s fine performance

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, August 9, 2016.- In addition to the results Tigres has obtained so far in the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura), the team’s fine performance is what’s most important, particularly in the last match against Jaguares, assured Guido Pizarro, defensive midfielder for the felines.

“For us it’s always going to be important (conceding zero goals), but what’s more important, for Saturday’s match, is the performance and goal opportunities we create against our rival team. If we tie with Atlas, I think the feeling we’ll take away from that match, apart from sustaining zero goals against, is that we haven’t played well, that we haven’t generated enough goal opportunities, so, this has been a pleasing weekend for me, especially regarding our performance, since at times we played well and generated several goal opportunities, which is what matters for us,” the Argentinian explained.

Appreciation for the solid defense

“In particular, especially to reassure the fans, they should play fluently, creating opportunities as they did on Saturday. But, as I recently said, the team’s performance is more important than the zero. If we play again as we know best, we’ll surely have a chance.”

The optimal level hasn’t yet been reached.

“There’s a long way to go until we reach our optimal level. As I said, the other day we played well at times, we followed up well three quarters forward, and not so well at others. We just need to fine-tune specific details of the opportunities we generate and not suffer too much or try to end the match as soon as possible, and then carry on with that solidity, endeavoring to avoid giving away opportunities to the other team.”

He knows they’ll have to keep an eye on Sinha.

“(Toluca) has got Sinha who’s a fantastic player with an amazing track record. We’ll have to be very careful to not let him play, to try to take control of the match. If we don’t let him create as many opportunities as he did against Toluca, or generate plays, we’ll surely have a chance. This will be a key match. They’ve just beaten the table leader, the last champion, so we’ll undoubtedly have to play our best in order to beat them.”

It won’t matter who plays.

“The manager decides who’s going to play, but I think that ‘Gringo’ (Torres) is a great footballer. He’s been here for a long time and knows what the manager and the team want. Both he and ‘Chino’ (Zelarayán) are doing a good job and the other day, when Dueñas came on, he played a good second half.  We’ve carried on along the same lines, which is important. Regardless of who plays, the team has a game pattern that goes beyond names, and without doubt, whoever plays will do their very best.”