Guido is grateful for the call-up to the Argentina National Team

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Thursday, September 29, 2016.- Guido Pizarro received his first call-up to form part of the Argentina National Team, which is facing two qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup Russia, and Tigres’ midfielder thanked the club, his family and friends for what he considers achievement and something he’s sought for a long time.

“The truth is I’m very happy, personally it’s something I’ve hoped and worked for, and for me it’s fantastic. I can’t stop talking about it with my family, my wife, my little girl, my mother, and the entire Tigres squad who have done so much to help me realize this personal achievement,” explained ‘Conde’ to the media in the press room at the Universitario Stadium.

His call-up isn’t really a surprise.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise, because, as I said, it’s something that the people who know me are aware that I’ve always worked for this, so I can’t say that it’s taken me by surprise. What I am aware of is the level of players in the Argentina National Team, which is just amazing and I hope I can rise to the occasion.”

He was overjoyed when he found out about the call-up.

“I felt enormously happy, as did my family, my friends, everyone who’s close to me. I found out (that I’d been called up) (…) in the same way as the Copa America, unfortunately owing to a colleague’s injury, which isn’t good, because, as footballers, we know that not being able to play is very hard, but I found out once the players who’d had the chance to go were injured. But, yes, my family and I are overjoyed.”