Guido Pizarro highlights Tigres’ solid defense

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, August 2, 2016.- The victory over Águilas has been a source of great satisfaction for all the members of Club Tigres, but Guido Pizarro, the felines’ defensive midfielder, specifically highlighted the amazing work of the defense, which hasn’t conceded a single goal, which means that so far the team is unbeaten.

“The fact that they haven’t scored against us (is remarkable), we’re still unbeaten, although our opponents have been close they’ve had no clear opportunities. This speaks of the fine defensive performance, though we know we have to continue to improve, that our performance improved drastically compared to the first two fixtures, but I think there’s still room for improvement.  So, hopefully, playing at home on Saturday, let’s improve even more and earn those three points at home, which is crucial.”

We mustn’t be overconfident after our victory over América

“We know what we are aiming for. Home points are crucial and I think that in the last match at the Universitario Stadium (Uni), we weren’t quite up to scratch, so let’s hope Tigres’ performance will improve. We know it will be different because of the team we’ll be facing and how they play here as if they were at home, but we have to overcome this and play well.”

The reinforcements have settled in and are stronger than ever

“I think so (it’s a better team now), I think we have more variety. We practically have two first-rate teams, as could be seen in the last game’s substitutions. They raised the team’s level right to the end, which was very important, since two competitions are coming up. We start in the Champions League next week, which is also very important, so let’s hope we’ll be available for the manager, firstly to raise the team’s level and, secondly, to contribute with a view to the championships.”

Gignac seems at home with Tigres

“André is an international player, with a great track record and is undoubtedly one of the names on the list for that team (Barcelona), as well as many others. He’s calm, very eager and fully focused on Tigres. I hope we’ve made him feel at home and he’ll be able to continue with his fine performance. Later on, destiny will say whether he goes to the other team or stays with us, where he is more than welcome.”

“What he has shown since he arrived is that he’s a very well-balanced, humble person, with both feet firmly on the ground and he will no doubt continue to be like this, always striving to do his best.”