Historic victory!

GUADALAJARA.- Not only did they remain undefeated and at the top of the 2016 Summer Tournament (Apertura), but this time Tigres celebrated their first ever triumph in the Guadalajara Stadium, winning 1-0 with a goal by Ismael Sosa.


The start of the match revealed a local side with initiative and eager to play up front, disconcerting our team, especially when they tried to break away from their own zone.

However, the uproar lasted only for the first 15 minutes, until Tigres gradually began to get into the game’s rhythm.


At the three-minute mark, a mistake by Nahuel Guzmán, when he tried to pass to Jesús Dueñas, gave Alan Pulido a clear shot at goal, but before the former Tigre could even react, Hugo Ayala disarmed him.

Later, at 6’, Ángel Zaldívar had a chance down the center, but he was unable to control the long pass and Nahuel was easily able to do his job.

Chivas continued to insist, taking advantage of being the home side and Tigres hadn’t yet found their footing on the pitch.

Our team responded at the tenth minute, when Lucas Zelarayan sent the ball into the box from a set piece, just touching Ayala’s head, but in the end, the goalkeeper, Cota stopped the play short.

Chivas’ rhythm began to slow down, but were still a threat, since at 17’ Orbelin Pineda sent a shot that Nahuel could just keep an eye on from the goal line. Guadalajara remained in charge of the season’s super leader.

A minute later, a cry from the few fans in the Chivas Stadium was silenced when the ball they saw inside Nahuel’s box couldn’t find a player to finish.

At 19’, André-Pierre Gignac appeared in an individual play, breaking through the outskirts of the box and shooting right into Cota’s hands. Tigres was a danger knocking on the door.

Tigres then opted to send long passes to Gignac, Sosa or Zelarayan, and even to Gringo Torres, who, at 21’, endeavored to connect inside the six-yard box, but was unable to control the ball.

Sosa, at 26’, found a space on the right, breaking away from two stoppers to enter the box and cross the ball, but nobody, not even Gignac or Aquino, could close to define the play.

Just before the first half ended, Aquino, who is usually a fine mid-distance shooter, appeared along the edge of the six-yard box, but his shot went wide of Cota’s left post.


The start of the second 45 minutes was an explosive one for our team, when Sosa shook off the defense to cross to Gignac, but he was unable to make a connection, though Zelarayan stepped in to have the goalie reject his shot, giving Sosa another opportunity with the French player, who missed again.

Guadalajara gradually began to take control of the ball and push toward Nahuel’s goal, but, at 57’, Chino opened the play along the right to Sosa, who was just inside the box and shook of two players to cross and score.

The 1-0 against forced Chivas to push forward, which would benefit Tigres’ game.

The Rebaño (Chivas) then made a double substitution, with the idea of strengthening their attack, while Tuca responded to Almeyda by replacing Gringo with Israel Jiménez, and placing Dueñas as the second defender.

Chivas was doing what was expected, which was attacking, and, at 79’, Nahuel was forced to make a great save, leaping toward the angle of the goal and sending the ball for a corner.

Chivas’ insistence was such that Tuca odecided to send on a third defender, substituting Zelarayan with Manuel Viniegra, in order to maintain the side’s advantage and ball possession.

Tuca moved his last piece by taking off Gignac, who was playing his first match on this pitch, to send on his fellow countryman, Andy Delort, at minute 86.

During the last few minutes of the match, our team endured the constant attacks by Guadalajara who, although they were becoming increasingly frustrated, continued to play good football, and, in this way, we are still unbeaten in the Apertura 2016.


André-Pierre Gignac played for the first time ever in the Guadalajara Stadium, since he was ill with stomach problems the time before.





1-0                        (60´) Ismael Sosa pushed into the box from the right, sending his cross shot past the goalie to score.


GUADALAJARA: Rodolfo Cota; Jesús Sánchez (Marco Bueno 83’), Hedgardo Marín, Carlos Salcido, Edwin Hernández (Eduardo López 60’), Michael Pérez, Orbelín Pineda (Néstor Calderón 60’), Carlos Cisneros, Isaac Brizuela, Ángel Saldívar and Alan Pulido.

TIGRES: Nahuel Guzmán; Jesús Dueñas, Juninho, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres Nilo, Francisco Torres (Israel Jiménez 62’), Guido Pizarro, Lucas Zelarayan (Manuel Viniegra 81’), Javier Aquino, Ismael Sosa and André-Pierre Gignac (Andy Delort 86’).

Referee: Roberto García Orozco