I’m delighted to play with the most successful team in the city.- Damián Álvarez

ZUAZUA | Tuesday, January 10, 2017.- After playing 14 tournaments with Tigres, the midfielder Damián Álvarez is delighted to form part of an institution like the UANL Tigres, to be a member of the most successful team in the city, and to do what he loves most in life: play football.

“I feel happy, I’m raring to go, demanding more of myself day by day. I’m not surprised the team is so demanding because we are the first ones to push ourselves. I feel that I’m on top form right now. I’m happy because I love what I do; I’m happy because I’m in one of the best teams in Mexico; I’m happy because I’m in the most successful team in the city. What more could I ask for?” ‘Enano’ declared, answering the media’s question whether Damián would be around for a while.

Everything is back to normal now the whole squad is here.

“The whole squad is here, everything’s back to normal. The lads who were absent have returned and now we’re looking forward to the new experiences, the new objectives ahead of us. We’re all eagerly anticipating our first victory, God willing, this weekend (against Atlas).”

There’s an enthusiastic atmosphere within the team.

“The atmosphere is bursting with enthusiasm. We still feel the momentum from what we’ve achieved and have to capitalize on this so each and every one of us can realize our full potential. There’s a lot of enthusiasm, intensity, eagerness, which is most important. After fulfilling such a significant objective, it’s vital not to lower the intensity. The challenges will be increasingly greater and we all know that. I feel that the team isn’t going to slack off at all, we’ve been training together for two days and the momentum, the atmosphere is almost tangible.”

Tigres’ goal is to go for the Liga and CONCACAF.

“We’re going for everything. We’re facing these two opportunities, the objectives are clear, well-defined, and we’re not going to slack off. The challenges will become even greater in this team that is getting more and more successful. So, we are the first ones to acknowledge that it won’t be easy – on the contrary. But the team is ready in every way, mentally and in terms of football to take on this challenge and of course we’re going all out for both of these tournaments.”

The team is already more demanding.

“Here, we’ll be doing our utmost to be crowned champions and to achieve everything we can. I don’t think Tigres is under an obligation to be champions, but I do think there’s a greater expectation than in previous years, because the team has proved itself and has been, and will continue to be, one of the top teams in Mexican football. So, we will be pushing ourselves to meet the standard of being one of the best teams in the country.”