I’m going to give my all and do my best with Tigres.- Francisco Meza

SAN NICOLÁS DE LOS GARZA | Friday, March 3, 2017.- The Colombian Francisco Meza feels blessed to have the opportunity to play this Sunday as a starter, so much so much so that he promised not to let the manager down and to offer Tigres security in the defensive zone.

“I came here to do my part, God places opportunities in our path, and right now he’s giving me this marvelous opportunity (to play), and I’m going to give my all, do my best and I hope the team achieves a good result, which is what everyone wants,” commented the defender from the land of coffee in the press conference at the Universitario Stadium.

Earning a spot in the CONCACAF Semifinal is even more encouraging.

“It’s encouraging because we wanted to qualify in the Champions League, and now our aim is to win enough points to compete in the Playoffs.”

He’ll try to give his all.

“First of all, I’d like to thank God for this opportunity. At times, it’s hard to substitute a teammate under these conditions (injuries), but now it’s my turn and I’ll try to give my all. The coaching staff has placed their trust in me and I hope the team can rise to the occasion and achieve an excellent result.”

He can’t wait for the Puebla match.

“I’m so happy, I can’t wait for the match to show why they brought me here. Everyone wants to see what I can do. Physically, I feel fine, confident and I hope to reflect this on the day.”

We can’t afford to let any more points go.

“They are going to try to take control since they also need a positive result, but we’ll be putting our heart and soul into the match. We can’t let any more points go and we’ll be starting on Sunday.”

Tigres is a team that has to go all out for both tournaments.

“Tigres is a great team that has enough players to compete in both tournaments (Liga and CONCACAF), and suddenly we’re left in the lurch because we gave away a bit of an advantage, but that’s how it is, that’s how football is, and we hope that on Sunday we’ll be back on the track of victory in the Liga, and from there on up to the first places.”

The communication among the team’s defense is always excellent.

“We always talk to each other, we’re always there paying attention to Junior and Hugo, and like in everything, remain focused and give the team confidence which is our priority (as defenders), and then collaborating in the attack would be an extra.”