I believe in my players’ work.- Ricardo Ferretti

ZUAZUA | Monday, February 13, 2017.- Ricardo Ferretti is fully confident that his players will get back on track and recover their lost ground in the 2017 Clausura. The strategist serenely addressed the press to explain that positive results can be achieved through unity and hard work.

“Do I believe we can qualify? Yes, I do. Do I have hope? Yes, I do, but what’s the point in going on about it? Results are what we need, and while we don’t achieve positive results, the possibility of qualifying becomes increasingly unlikely. But I do believe – if not, what’s the point in my being here?

“I have to believe in my players’ work, believe in the fans’ support, in many things, and, based on this, work hard and start to achieve positive results. It’s not the first time I’ve faced you in a situation like this and we’ve overcome these issues, and ended up more united than ever, working harder and starting to get good results, that’s all,” commented ‘Tuca’.

Nobody is going to go crazy here.

“We haven’t seen results in this tournament, we need to change something, but we’re not going to go crazy. If the Ingeniero (Alejandro Rodríguez) and Miguel (Garza) pressure themselves, who are they going to pressure?, me; and if they pressure me and I pressure myself, who am I going to pressure?, the players, then how will they perform, well even worse.

“We’re not going to go crazy, we’re aware of the situation, but if you think I’m going to take the players to Chipinque (mountain park) 50 times, well, I’m not. My players are professionals, we’re all aware that we’re not doing things right, that we have to improve, but if you’re asking whether I’m going to start doing strange things, I’m not. Are we concerned? Yes, of course, we’re not children, we know how things stand.”

Having an experienced, mature group helps.

“This is a mature group, with highly experienced people, and we have to make them see certain things, but they also work mentally. It’s not a matter of thinking that I’m the only one who is going to work with the group and put ideas in their heads, well, no. These are highly, experienced, talented players, so they carry out a self-analysis to see what they are not doing right and they come here and get down to work.”

There is plenty of room for improvement.

“We had a poor first half (against Pachuca), the second half was going well and then with the red card, things went downhill (in our efforts), and apart from the ejection we had an injury, which is one of the things that is worrying us. This is another concern for us and we need to focus on improving our performance as much as possible.”

‘Tuca’ tries to salvage the positive points.

“Because, right now, you, and many other people I think, and rightly so, only see the negative side, the lack of results. But in all this, we’re concentrating on something positive that we’ve achieved to work on and succeed. At the moment, no one can see the bright side, and that’s very simple, but we have to look for the positive points and, based on that, work doubly hard.”

There’s no excuse for Tigres’ current situation.

“No, it would be very easy to say yes and make excuses, and if it’s just to make excuses I’d rather not be here, that’s very easy. Neither the performances nor the results have met our expectations, and we should accept all the criticism, just like we accept praise, and there’s no need at all to get angry. We must accept that we’re not doing things properly and that’s that.”

The players are keen to improve.

“I have many positive factors (from the team), but there’s no point coming here and telling you that, it’s not how I do things. What’s important is that I have the capacity to see the silver lining in every cloud and here the results are the worst, that’s the worst, but there are positive points and that’s what I discuss with my players. One positive point is that the players are very keen to work and improve.”